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What rights do I have as a passenger if my flight is cancelled or delayed?

Under EU regulations, air passengers can be entitled to re-routing or a refund of their ticket in the event of a flight cancellation. In some cases passengers can also claim compensation. To find out more information relating to your specific situation please find more information from the ministère de la Protection des consommateurs.

Do you offer Fast Lane services? Is there a way to by-pass the general security queue?

Yes, we currently offer a Fast Lane service, please visit our page here to learn more.

Are all the scheduled flights really flying?

We invite you to refer to your airline directly to check your flight status. Furthermore, you can check the status as well on the flight day on our website here.

Do the regulations from Luxair be the same for all airlines?

No, these information may vary between the airlines. Therefore we invite you to contact your airline directly to get the according information.

Will there be fever measurements?

At the moment there were no instructions of fever measurement given by the ministry, so please pay attention to practice proper respiratory and hand hygiene and follow the instructions of the Ministry of health at Respect and protect others by coughing and sneezing in the elbow etc.

Are there new measures at the security area?

Please pay attention to practice proper respiratory and hand hygiene and follow the instructions of the Ministry of health at . Respect and protect others by coughing and sneezing in the elbow etc.

Are all the entrances open?

You can only access via the right main entrance at the side of Starbucks. The other door will be used as an exit. Please follow the direction signs at the airport and keep your distance from other passengers.

Are there restrictions in the airplane?

As the restrictions may differentiate between airlines, we would like to invite you to contact your airline. You can find the airlines’ contacts here.

Is the distance between the passengers guaranteed?

Please follow the signs at the airport. These will safely guide you through the airport. Please note the direction and distance signs, as well as the instructions displayed at the entire airport. Pay attention to practice proper respiratory and hand hygiene. You can help protect yourself and others by respecting an appropriate distance and coughing and sneezing into the elbow. For more information about COVID-19 prevention, please check the Ministry of health’s website at

Are there disinfectants and masks provided to the passengers?

We do not provide free masks at the airport to passengers. For your safety, we have installed hand sanitizers at relevant contact points where handwash is not possible, e.g., at the security check. The automated disinfection dispensers will allow you and our staff to practice good hand hygiene throughout your entire lux-Airport journey. Besides, please pay attention to proper respiratory and hand hygiene and follow the instructions at the airport. For more information about COVID-19 prevention, please check the Ministry of health’s website at

Is public transport available?

Due to the current situation public transport service is reduced. You can find more information at: .

Is the Flibco bus available?

The Flibco Bus is not providing any connection from Luxembourg Airport at the moment.  We are sorry for the inconveniences and invite you to check the website of Flibco at for the latest news regarding this subject.

Where is the COVID-19 vaccination center located at the airport?

The vaccination center is located at Luxembourg Air Rescue. It is located in the area of the airport, but not next to the main terminal. Here is the address:

Luxembourg Air Rescue
4, Rue de Trèves
L-2632 Findel

vaccination center
Is the temporary ING kids’ corner still accessible?

Due to the current situation and to protect the health of children and adults, the ING temporary kids’ corner is still accessible, but we removed all games and furnitures.

Are the restaurants and shops at the airport open?

Most shops and restaurants are open at the airport with adapted opening hours. Please visit our dedicated page to get more information.

There are vending machines at the entire airport facility before and after the security check with cold and warm drinks, and snacks. The vending machines are filled up regularly.

Is there food delivered in the airplane?

Due to the current situation and potential constraints, this service’s availability may vary from airline to airline. Please check with your airline for further information regarding food service during your flight.

Should I come to the airport earlier before my flight?

Yes, we invite you to come to the airport in time and advanced to your scheduled flight, because of the new hygiene and social distancing measures set up to guarantee your health protection as the best possible while traveling through Luxembourg Airport.

I am abroad and want to fly back to Luxembourg. How to proceed?

The Ministry of Foreign and European Affairs recommends Luxembourg nationals and residents who are currently abroad, especially outside of the Schengen space, and depending on their particular situation, to check with their travel agency and/or airline for return flights to Luxembourg. If needed, contact the Luxembourg embassy accredited to the country in question, or the Ministry of Foreign and European Affairs

Are there any flight restrictions due to the Coronavirus?

There are currently no flight restrictions from Luxembourg. However, the airlines adapt as well as their flight program from Luxembourg. Therefore, we recommend always check your flight status and as well as the entry restriction of your destination before starting your journey. The situation might change very quickly; please consult the concerned airlines directly.

Are there any restrictions for passengers entering from a “risk zone”?

Please consult for current updates. The information is updated regularly and available in English, French, German, Luxembourgish, and Portuguese.

Is there a body temperature control at the airport?

For some departures, body temperature may be measured prior to departure in order to comply with regulations and guidelines of the public health authorities. In case of a higher temperature than allowed (may differ from destination to destination), boarding may be prohibited. Please always check with your airline if special processes or regulations apply for your flight.

To whom can I reach out if I have additional questions?

You can share your questions and thoughts by contacting us via email or telephone hotline. Please click here to see the details.

I live in the surroundings of the construction site, are there any impacts like noise or light pollution expected?

We carried out a noise study in collaboration with the certified Luxemburgish engineer office, “Energie & Environement.” The result was that the surrounding areas’ noise level would stay at the same user-level and below the officially authorized limits. There will be works during the night and therefore also the light level will be higher than used in certain construction areas. However, these additional lights will not affect the surrounding neighborhood. If you encounter unusual noise or other irregularity referred to in the constructions, please feel free to contact us via email or phone. You can find our contact details here.

I am interested in the environmental impacts of the runway renovation; where can I get information?

You can find information in our runway renovation dossier here.

Where can I find more information about the runway renovation?

Please visit our online section to get the latest news about our runway renovation. If you have further questions you are very welcome to contact us from 4H00 in the morning until 23H00 per phone at (+352) 24 64 – 0 or write us an email at [email protected]. Furthermore, we offer you the possibility to register here for any news about the airport.

When are deviations displayed? When can I get the information if my flight is diverted?

Sometimes deviations have very short notice, but in general, you have the possibility to check if your flight is diverted about 45 min before landing. Nevertheless, we recommend checking the status at our website here if your aircraft departs with delays.

What if my flight is delayed and the arrival/departure is later than 23h00 at Luxembourg airport?

There are no scheduled arrivals/departures after 23h00. If delays occur, the Airport is in close contact with its partners, the airlines to assess the impact.  For potential diversions or other flight changes please check here and contact your airline for further information.

Are there deviations possible?

We cannot exclude that there are deviations of arriving flights if your flight has departed with a delay and risks not being in time before 23H00 arriving at Luxembourg airport. This should however be exceptional. Please check here if a flight is diverted to another airport.

What does the runway renovation mean for my plans, are there any impacts on my flights?

The runway renovation works are scheduled during our nightly curfew between 23H00 and 6H00 in the morning. Scheduled flights normally arrive before that time, and departing flights are scheduled after 6H00 in the morning. The works are carefully planned and coordinated with the airlines. However, we cannot exclude impacts on delayed flights or minor delays that might happen due to unforeseen circumstances.

Is Luxembourg airport closed during the runway renovation?

Luxembourg airport remains open. The runway renovation works are carried out in the night curfew between 23h00 until the next morning at 6h00. Outside these hours, the runway remains open.

Which airlines fly to Luxembourg Airport?

Click here to view all airlines which fly to Luxembourg Airport.

Where can I find information about my flight?

There are many information screens available throughout the airport. Alternatively, you can view your flight information here:

Can I hire a car from Luxembourg Airport?

Yes, you can. Please find all the information you need regarding car hire here: Car Rental - lux-Airport

Where can I drop off or pick up a passenger at the airport?

The short term parking C is located  at the entrance of the terminal and is reserved exclusively for short-term parking. It is ideally suitable for people who come to pick up or drop off passengers. The first 15 minutes of parking are free.

Can I bring my pet on a flight?

Please contact your airline for any information about flying with your pet.

How much hand luggage and checked-in baggage can I carry on my flight?

Click here for more information on hand luggage and checked-in baggage allowance

Is transport to and from the airport available for passengers with reduced mobility?
How can I book wheelchair assistance?‬‬‬‬

Please find all the information you need regarding wheelchair assistance here :

What travel documents do I need to travel?

Please find all the information you need regarding travel documents here.

Are there computers available for use at Lux Airport?

No, there are no computers available at the airport but there is a free unlimited Wi-Fi available for your disposal.

Is there a prayer room at the airport?

No, there is no prayer room at the airport.

Is there a church or chapel at the airport?

No, there is no church or chapel at the airport.

Are there shower facilities at Luxembourg Airport?

No, there are no shower facilities at the airport.

Is there a luggage wrapping facility at lux-Airport?

No, there is no luggage wrapping facility at the airport.

Where is the information desk at the airport?

The information desk is located just in front of the check-in counters. Please follow the airport map for more information:

Are pets allowed at Luxembourg Airport?

Pets are only allowed in the public area.

Where is the lounge located at Luxembourg Airport?

The lounge is located just after the security checks. Please find an airport map here

Are there VIP services at Luxembourg Airport?

Yes. Click here to find out more.

Is there free Wi-Fi at Luxembourg Airport?

Yes, there is a free unlimited Wi-Fi at the airport.

What are the lux-Airport shops’ opening hours?

Click here to find out all shop opening hours.

Where can I shop at Luxembourg Airport?

Click here to find all information concerning lux-Airport shops.

Is there a currency exchange bureau at Luxembourg Airport?

No, we are sorry, there is no exchange bureau at the airport. We recommend using the ATM located in terminal A, beside the Press & Books store, to withdraw cash.

Is there a left luggage facility at Luxembourg Airport?

We regret to inform you that for security reasons, there is no left-luggage service at the Airport. Nevertheless, we can suggest the Luxembourg Central Train Station, which provides such service against payment. For more information, kindly contact CFL [Luxembourgish Rail] on ‪(+352) 24 89 24 89 or visit their website.

Who can I contact if I lose something at Luxembourg airport?

For items left on the plane, kindly email or call ‪+352 2456 5003‪.

For items lost at the airport, please click here to consult our “Lost & Found” to find your property.

What are Luxembourg Airports opening hours?

Luxembourg airport is open daily from 4:00 AM to midnight.

What is the closest train station to Luxembourg Airport?

The closest train station is the Luxembourg Central Train Station which is 10 kilometres from the airport.

How do I get from Luxembourg Airport to Trier?

Click here for more information.

What is the average taxi fare to and from the airport?

Click here to view the taxi fares to and from the airport.

Where can I find the taxi stands at Luxembourg Airport?

Click here for information regarding taxis.

How do I get from Luxembourg Airport to the city centre?

There are different ways to go to the city centre: By bus: Two lines (16 and 29) can take you to the city centre every 10 to 15 minutes. These buses pass by the Luxembourg Central Train Station, which is 10 kilometres from the airport. Since March 2020, public transport in Luxembourg is free of charge. For more details on the schedules of these two lines, visit the Luxembourg public transport website. By taxi: You can also take a taxi to the city centre. Click here for more information on how to get to and from Luxembourg Airport.

How far is lux Airport from the city centre?

Luxembourg Central Train Station is 10 kilometres away from the airport.

How do I get to Luxembourg Airport?

Click here to find out how to get to Luxembourg Airport.

Can I carry e-cigarettes through airport security?

Kindly contact your airline to enquire whether e-cigarettes are allowed on your flight.

Can I carry electronics through airport security?

Yes you can. During security check, laptops, tablets, cables, and other large electrical items must be removed from hand luggage and screened separately.

Is there any chance of getting my item back after it being confiscated at security?

No, unfortunately there is no possibility of getting a confiscated item back. However, the security staff will always offer you three possibilities:

  • abandon the item;
  • go back to your car and leave it there;
  • check the item into your checked-in luggage.
Can I carry drinks and cosmetics purchased from Luxembourg Airport shopping area on board the aircraft?

Yes, you can take the drinks and cosmetics bought in our Shops or Restaurants on board. You will get a sealed bag which is according to the security restrictions and therefore it is accepted on board.

What is the limit of liquid that can be carried in my hand luggage?

Any liquids, aerosols and gels* carried in hand luggage must not exceed 100ml and must be placed and fit easily into a single transparent sealable plastic bag that has a capacity of no greater than 1 litre. The bag must be completely sealed. These items must be taken out of hand luggage and shown to security staff whilst you are passing through the security check. * Liquids, aerosols and gels include pastes, lotions, liquid/solid mixtures and the content of pressurised containers such as toothpaste, hair gel, drinks, perfumes, shaving foam, and other articles of similar consistency.

Can I carry baby food and milk through security?

Yes, according to the European legislation, milk and baby food are authorised for people travelling with their children, in the quantities required during the trip. You will be requested to present the food to the officials when passing through security before  you board. Otherwise, you are requested to put it in your checked-in baggage.

Can I carry bottles of water through security?

Yes, you are allowed to take bottles of water in your hand luggage, provided that the liquid does not exceed 100 millilitres or equivalent. The water must beplaced in a sealable, transparent plastic bag with a capacity not exceeding 1 litre.

Can I carry food through security?

Yes. We would like to inform you that stuffed foodstuffs, liquids (drinks, soups, syrups) or foodstuffs of an analogous consistence (cheese, flans, creamy or gelatinous cakes, chocolates, etc.), or the content of pressurised containers, are subject to the regulations governing “liquids, aerosols and gels,” which comprises pastes (toothpaste, cheese, pâté, foie gras…), and gels (hair gel, shower gel, etc.), and are therefore prohibited in the hand luggage. You are therefore advised to check them in as hold baggage. Dry cakes or sandwiches (except for pâté or foie gras, for instance) are conversely allowed in hand luggage.

Can I carry my medication in my hand luggage?

Solid or liquid medicinal products required for travel are authorised in the cabin without medical prescription (which is not mandatory). They must nonetheless be shown at the security check points for additional arbitrary inspection at Luxembourg airport upon departure.

If during such an inspection, a liquid medicinal product that exceeds 100 ml does not comply with the regulation in force, it will be refused. In such a case, a prescription could facilitate the final decision of the authorities.

Can I carry cough medicine or nose spray in my hand luggage?

Solid or liquid medicinal products (including nose spay) required for travel are authorised in the cabin without medical prescription (which is not mandatory). They must nonetheless be shown at the security check points for additional arbitrary inspection at Luxembourg airport upon departure.

If during such an inspection, a liquid medicinal product that exceeds 100 ml does not comply with the regulation in force, it will be refused. In such a case, a prescription could facilitate the final decision of the authorities.

Where can I find the parking lot M?

You can find parking M at :

Latitude : 49°37'21.4"N

Longitude : 6°11'31.0"E

Address : rue de Trèves L-2632 Findel (in front of Cité policière Grand-Duc Henri)

Click here to use Google Maps to navigate to the parking M.

Is there a refund if I leave earlier than booked?

The pre-paid booking period is not refunded if you leave earlier than booked.

Do I receive an invoice for the reserved parking space?

We have sent you an invoice in PDF format directly with the booking confirmation.

Can I change/re-book the selected car park/parking product?

Yes, if the desired car park/parking product is still available, you can change your booking under “Manage booking”. The new price will be displayed. A re-booking is possible up to 48 hours (temporarily reduced to 6 hours) before the initial reserved car park entry date and time.

How can I cancel a booked parking space?

Cancellation is possible up to 48 hours (temporarily reduced to 6 hours) before the date and time of reserved car park entry. A processing fee of €10 will be charged. After successful cancellation, you will receive a confirmation by e-mail.

I am already on the road and do not have my booking number / QR code with me. Where can I get it again?

You do not need your booking number, only the QR code is required for entry.

Contact us at [email protected] or on +352 2464 4040 and we will resend the booking confirmation to your e-mail address. At the entrance of the booked parking lot, press the call button.

How long is my booking valid?

Your parking space booking is valid from the reserved date/time of entry to the booked date of exit.

How long in advance can I reserve a parking space?

This depends on the specific product. You can book a parking space up to 6 to 24 hours before the start of the park-time and up to 12 months in advance.

I have not received a booking confirmation

Please contact our customer service center on +352 2464 4040 or via e-mail [email protected] with your booking ID or full name.

How do I book a parking space?

Visit our website It’s as simple as that:

  • enter the start and end of parking
  • select parking offer
  • enter personal data
  • enter payment data
  • receive e-mail confirmation with QR code
I have booked a parking space with LuxairTours. Who can I contact if I have any questions?

If you have booked your parking space with LuxairTours, please contact LuxairTours directly if you have any queries or problems. The best way to contact LuxairTours is via the website:

What happens if I lose my ticket?

A fee for lost parking tickets applies. The amount to be paid is calculated on the duration of your stay. If this can't be determined, a flat rate will be charged.

Who can I contact to make a complaint?

Kindly send your complaint via email or fill out a form at the  lux-Airport InfoDesk  located in front of the airport check-in counters.

What do I do if problems occur at the entry barrier?

Please press the call button at the entry and exit barrier. The parking service staff is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to answer your questions

How long can I keep my car parked in the carpark?

The maximum time limit for parking a vehicle at Luxembourg Airport is  6 months. Should a customer exceed this time limit, their vehicle will be considered abandoned (conforming to  article 10 of the modified law of 14 April 1955). Legal proceedings will be initiated to dispose of this vehicle. Handling fees will be chargeable to the owner of the vehicle in addition to outstanding parking fees.

What are the prices for using the carpark?

You can find all the information you need concerning parking prices here.

Is it safe/ recommended to leave my car in the carpark while I’m away?

The car parks are not under surveillance at all times. The car parks are laid out especially so that airport customers can park under optimal conditions of security. We must point out, however, that lux-Airport cannot be held liable in case of theft, vandalism or any other act that could cause damage to other cars.

Are there any restrictions on the type of vehicle that can be parked in the lux Airport car park?

The height clearance of the underground car park is 2.20 m. Camper vans: If you are driving a camper van, we kindly ask you to use the outdoor car parks F or G. You can access them by taking the co-generation plant exit at the roundabout leading to the airport. The car park is on your right. Click here to view Luxembourg Airports parking rates. Motorcycle: Luxembourg airport does not have a closed parking facility exclusively for motorcycles. Nevertheless, you can leave your motorcycle in the underground car park, on Level -1. Parking space is subject to availability. To enter the parking facility, all you have to do is stand in the middle, in front of the car park barrier. withdraw your ticket and wait for the green button on the terminal to flash. Should you have any problems, kindly call the parking checkout from the terminal. LPG car: We regret to inform you that for security reasons, access to the underground car park with an LPG vehicle is prohibited. We kindly ask you to use the outdoor car parks E, F, G or M. Click here to view parking rates.

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