Runway Renovation


A new, state-of-the-art runway built using innovative periodic night construction.

Lux-Airport Refurbishes The Runway

lux-Airport has refurbished the only runway it’s only and main runway. The works have been scheduled in periodic night construction and seasons from April to October until the end of 2022. The refurbishment procedure is innovative and fast, and has allowed the airport to stay open and operational for flights during daily operations. A first of it’s kind operation in the region

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Continuously maintained; now it’s time for a complete renewal

Maintenance Of The Runway

The maintenance of the runway at Luxembourg airport is a continuous process, ensuring that it is safe and reliable for aircraft use. However, after more than 30 years, the runway needs a total refurbishment.

Making maximal use of the night

The runway renovation is done at night to have as few impacts as possible on flight operations. Luxembourg airport has a night curfew and therefore the main works will be done between 23.00 in the evening and 6:00 in the morning. During winter the main works will pause. Only smaller works can continue. The total time required for this approach is estimated with two years.

It’s more than just pavement…

Rebuilding the runway pavement is only one part of the story. During these works, the full drainage system of the runway will be taken out and fully renewed. This means 8 km of gutters and even more pipelines to ensure a good connection to the existing drainage systems.

Also, the lighting is ready for an upgrade. All 1500 lights on the runway will be replaced by new efficient LED lights and all cables leading up to these lights. More than 450 km of cables is foreseen to be used, a distance one-way by car from Luxembourg to Paris.


Our aim is to be as sustainable as possible and to reduce impacts on the surroundings

 Runway Renovation

A runway renovation comes not only with the removal and replacement of concrete but also with deliveries of needed materials. In order to reduce traffic as much as possible, the small layer of asphalt taken off the existing runway will as much as possible be re-used. Working with local partners having asphalt production nearby, also massively reduces the number of km driven by trucks. Finally, the surplus clean soil from the works will maximally be stored on-site, adding to these reductions. All equipment and materials remain on-site during the working season, again reducing the transport needs.

We re-build the runway for future traffic while implementing sustainable solutions.

Re-Build The Runway

Furthermore, we improve the collection of surface water. Recycling is another keyword, as many of the asphalt torn down will be refurbished and reworked for the new runway. Updating the runway with the most modern LED light system results in energy saving and, due to the long service life, reducing the airport’s CO2 emission.


A runway refurbishment needs well-known and reliable specialists in every field.

Runway Refurbishment

lux-Airport, the airport aerodrome operator, is overall in charge of the runway renovation project, supervising the contracted works. By this means as well the full cooperation and alignment with its partners:

Administration de la Navigation Aérienne (ANA), Direction Aviation Civile (DAC), Administration des Ponts et Chaussées (PCH), the environmental agencies and the Ministry of Transport.

A consortium of experienced construction companies from the Greater region are contracted to execute the works

A consortium with experience in works at airports has been awarded the contract to execute the runway rehabilitation at Luxembourg airport. The consortium is a mix of Luxembourgish, French, and Belgium companies, engaging and supporting local employment. The consortium members are:

Colas Projects SAS, Felix Giorgetti SàRL, C. Karp-Kneip Constructions SA, Colas Belgium SA, Colas France and JDC Airports SA.


We build a new runway on top of the existing one to keep the runway open.

Building A New Runway

Most airports close a runway for a renovation of this nature. They either have an alternate runway or close the entire airport for weeks. Both were considered not an option.

We decided to go for an innovative runway refurbishment by building a new runway with different asphalt layers on the existing one. We use the current runway as the foundation for the new one. Every night, a new layer is added on top of the existing runway. This allows the airport to stay operational during the daytime as works are scheduled during the nightly curfew.

3D asphalt works

The most challenging part is the 3D remodeling of the runway. The cross-section of a runway must have a “roof shape,” allowing the water to flow to the drains on the side. The different layers which will be applied will not all have the same thickness. In this way, the “roof” will be created… 3D-asphalting.

This renovation is a well-planned project; every night will be executed like a Formula1 pit stop.

Hence, lux-Airport and its partners invested several years of planning and several months for preparations. Coordination and planning are key since up to 100 different vehicles and equipment are used simultaneously. Between 200-300 people work on the construction site. Our nights are short. The works will start at 23:00. Between 4:00-4:30, all will stop, and the clean-up and inspections will start. This method ensures the runway is again safe and usable for another day’s operation.


  • Length of 4,000 meters and a width of 60 meters
  • In place since 1954 – 1984
  • Regularly serviced by executing maintenance works
  • Daily use by aircraft in every size up to widebodies like the Boeing 747 and the Antonov AN-124

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