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Welcome to Luxembourg! Located in the heart of Europe, the country boasts a colourful history, stunning landscape and a culture and language influenced by its three surrounding neighbours, Belgium, Germany and France.

Although small, Luxembourg has played a significant role in the formation of the European Union. It is in fact today, an official capital of the EU and the seat of the European Court of Justice.

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Take a break from the hustle and bustle of the city and head to the green lands of Luxembourg, the country’s prized possession. Luxembourg boasts acres of untouched countryside and offers breath taking landscape and panoramic views, all waiting to be explored.

Each region in Luxembourg has something special to offer, be it the Land of the Red Rocks in the South, the Mullerthal, the Moselle Region, the Ardennes in the North or Luxembourg City itself.

Take a relaxing cruise along the Moselle river in Luxembourg’s wine region. Admire the grand Medieval architecture, majestic castles and imposing fortresses as well as the many vineyards.

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Sport – Cycling

With 600 km of cycle paths and over 20 safe cycle routes, Luxembourg offers a numerous amount of opportunities to explore the majestic countryside by bike. Cycle paths are signposted and regularly maintained to ensure you a smooth trip. If you prefer to be accompanied by a guide, join a guided bike tour which will take you along the best paths.

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Sport – Hiking

Embark on an adventure and follow one of the 200 hiking trails spread throughout the country. Whether you’re up for a stroll or an exhilarating trek, Luxembourg offers 5000km of walking paths of various length and difficulty. Why not explore Luxembourg’s enchanting forests and lush valleys? Discover the wonderful rock formations, the slowly meandering rivers and the crystal-clear lakes.

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Art & Culture

Home to three of UNESCO’s world heritage sites, the Grand Duchy is a haven for history and culture lovers alike. Due to its strategic position in Europe, Luxembourg came to be one of the continent’s greatest fortified cities. Much of these fortifications remain standing to tell the tale of the country’s colourful past.

Embark on an adventure and explore the medieval castles, grand cathedrals and charming monasteries that the country has to offer. Look out for hidden historical gems throughout the city and marvel at medieval ruins. The historian in you will definitely not be disappointed.

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Family & Kids

There’s something for all the family in Luxembourg. The country boasts a vast range of large leisure activity parks and gardens which promise an endless amount of fun.

Why not take a journey back in time and visit the historical steam engine in Differdange? If you and your kids prefer something more hands-on, then head to the Robbesscheier Living Museum. Here you can discover how Luxembourg’s ancestors once lived. Take a carriage ride through the farms, prepare apple turnovers and try your hand at a pottery workshop.

For a more sensory activity, the barefoot path is a great choice. The woodland walk is open during the summer season and offers the family the opportunity to explore a 745 metre path barefoot. Materials such as sand, bark mulch, gravel and pebbles are all awaiting your footsteps.

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Shopping in Luxembourg is truly an experience. As you stroll through the country’s picturesque pedestrian zones on your shopping spree, stop for a hot drink at one of Luxembourg’s quaint coffee shops. Then take the opportunity to visit the country’s enchanting historic buildings which are home to some of the biggest names in fashion. Farmer’s markets also dot the pedestrians zones to give an organic feel and taste to your shopping extravaganza.


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Eat & Sleep – Restaurants

Taste the flavours of Luxembourg’s cuisine which boasts a myriad of cultural influence. Whether you’re up for a lavish 5-star meal or a quick snack, you’re sure to find something that will tickle your fancy. From family bistros to Michelin star restaurants, you will definitely not go hungry.

Of course, with good food comes good wine and that’s why a visit to Luxembourg is a must. The Moselle region is renowned for its sweet white wine and its many vineyards that line the river.  There’s no better way to taste the country’s culture.

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Eat & Sleep – Accommodation

From campsites to luxury hotels, Luxembourg has it all. Whether you wish to stay in a quaint family-run hotel in the countryside or a lavish hotel in the city, there’s definitely accommodation to suit your needs.

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A Hub for Business

Thanks to its great location, the Grand Duchy serves as an ideal meeting point for businesses. In fact, the country’s capital city is home to major business centres which boast ultra-modern facilities, lavish conference rooms and the latest technology.

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