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Art Exhibitions

In the past lux-Airport has displayed the works of local Luxembourg artists in our Business Aviation Center, highlighting the culture and skills that have been cultivated right here in Luxembourg. As it stands now, the art of Sophia Rein and Carmenly have been showcased so far. However we look forward to welcoming many more talented locals into our Airport exhibitions!

Sophia Rein



The first artist to be featured at lux-Airport, Sophia Rein is a wandering soul with a passion for the urban landscape, architecture, and tropical mood. Looking at life through her camera lens stimulates her creative desire to adapt it to make it more colorful, more dynamic, and more exciting! The contrast between the reality of photography and the energizing touch of paint with mixed media creates a new perspective of the world surrounding us.


Sophia Rein’s art is a captivating fusion of photography and painting that transports viewers into the dynamic world of aviation at lux-Airport. Through her unique approach, she masterfully captures the essence of the airport by seamlessly integrating photographs of various airplanes and objects found within its bustling confines into her paintings. The result is a mesmerizing blend of realism and artistic interpretation that offers a fresh perspective on the aviation industry.

Rein’s art allows us to explore lux-Airport in a new light, as she skillfully incorporates the sleek lines and intricate details of aircraft into her canvas. Whether it’s the powerful engines of a jumbo jet or the graceful curves of a private plane, her work highlights the beauty and elegance inherent in these machines.

Screenshot 150

Photo-Painting lux-Airport

Sophia Rein’s art goes beyond mere representation; it evokes a sense of wonder and nostalgia for the world of aviation. Her use of vibrant colors and bold brushstrokes infuses energy and excitement into her work, inviting viewers to embark on a visual journey through the heart of lux-Airport.

Screenshot 151

Photo-Painting Boeing

Screenshot 155
Photo-Painting Pilatus

This photo-painting was the first in this series. It expresses the explosive sense of excitement and wonder I felt during the shooting. An absolutely breathtaking adventure for a soul passionate about the “out of the ordinary”.
Screenshot 154
Photo-Painting Bombardier

The charm of this little plane plunged my studio into a vintage atmosphere, punctuated by a cameo of sepia and copper tones, reminiscent of the leather of an old club chair, the pungent smell of a whisky, the hushed ambience of smoking rooms…
Screenshot 152
Behind the scenes of Sophia capturing the initial image for use of the “Photo-Painting Bombardier”.

Behind the scenes of how the art was created:


The colorful art of Sophia Rein shows an amazing combination of travelling and art, as all of the artwork is based on photos that Sophia took while she travelled the world. The exhibition ENJOY! shows pictures from Luxembourg to Miami and Saint Tropez. By watching the pictures, you can accompany Sophia to relive her best travel moments. Sophia’s artworks are marked by a technique called photo painting, where photos are printed on alu-dibond in black and white before they are being colorized by hand. In this way, Sophia transforms a real moment into an extraordinary, breathtaking memory. It is all about enjoying the beauty of the moment! The exhibition gives you an insight into the most beautiful travel destinations, no question that the airport is the ideal place to experience this.

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The second artist to have her own exhibit was Carmenly. After studying marketing and communications, Carmenly graduated from a graphic and design school in 2006. She then worked as a vector designer for a Parisian event agency, developed a taste for  painting with acrylic, and gradually integrated other materials. The first paintings were created in 2008. Her art focuses on the representation of women in today’s society and her paintings are largely based on poetry.


The approach of Carmenly is focusing on the representation of women in modern society.  She tries to reach the viewer through the aura of the subject. Beauty and simple aesthetics are not enough, it is all about that “extra thing” which could be described as charisma or per sonality: “I want to express emotions and I primarily use colors for this. My goal is to create a relational aesthetic, which aims to create curiosity and a personal link to the image.” The attitude of the women, their look, and their stories reflect a certain state of mind. They all have a deep-rooted melancholy in common that they are ready to share with you. The exhibition highlights the diversity of women, both from their characters and their origins.

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