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Getting to Luxembourg Airport by bus is easy. Here you’ll find a list of schedules, routes, bus numbers and everything else you need to know to ensure a smooth trip to the airport. Safe travels!



Due to tram constructions, the areas for private bus pick-up/drop-off, and pre-booked taxi’s has been moved.

For all arriving private coaches, please inform lux-Airport ahead of time at [email protected] and click here.

If you have pre-booked a taxi ahead of time, please note the new pick-up zone has moved to Kiss & Fly Parking C.

I’m travelling within Luxembourg

City Bus Schedule & Routes

Going to the airport

Bus 16 to the airport


Bus 29 to the airport


Bus 6 to the airport


Going to the city

Bus 16 to the city


Bus 29 to the city


Bus 6 to the city


All data in this page is provided by lux-Airport does not bear any responsibility for the accuracy of the data present in this page.

Not sure how to get from point A to point B?

For journeys within Luxembourg, try using Mobiliteit’s official public transport way-finder.

For journeys that leave Luxembourg, try using CFL’s rail guide.

It gets even better! Travel on public transport in Luxembourg is FREE since 1 March 2020 (except 1st class).

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I’m travelling to / from France, Belgium or Germany

Regional Bus

Bus 302

Fares: Free public transport ends at the border, so you must get a cross-border pass or ticket if you plan to travel outside of the territory of Luxembourg. Click here to learn more.

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