Explore the Airport

Luxembourg airport is more than just an airport. It’s a place where you can indulge in fine dining, potter around stylish shops and relax before your flight all under one roof. What will really make you fall in love with the airport is its size. The contemporary boutique airport seamlessly combines the destination choices of a large international airport with the tranquility of a small regional one. The short walking distances to the gates means you can spend as much time as possible pampering yourself. Nothing is ever too far away from anything else meaning you will immediately feel right at home.

Use the interactive map below to find out more about Luxembourg Airport, information on the shops and restaurants and much more.

Map Map
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Level 1


  • 1Oberweis Restaurant
  • 2Comptoir du Bon Pays
Map Map
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Level 0


  • 4Main entrance
  • 5Exit parking and public transport
  • 6Cash dispenser
  • 7Check-in desks
  • 8Oversized baggage check-in
  • 9Customs desk
  • 10Passenger controls / Access to gates
  • 11Airline Lounge
  • 12Aelia Duty Free
  • 13Oberweis Shop
  • 14Starbucks
  • 15Press & Books
  • 16Info Desk
  • 17Turkish Airlines
  • 19Luxair
  • 20Police Desk
Map Map
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Level -1


  • 21Car Rental
  • 22Access to underground car park
  • 23Cash dispenser
  • 24Sandwiches & Cie
  • 25Aelia Duty Free
  • 26Press & Books
  • 27Panopolis
  • 28Moselier
  • 29Petit Moselier
  • 30Exit; Customs control
  • 31Baggage claim
  • 32Oversize baggage claim and lost baggage
  • 33ID control and customs
  • 34Boarding gates
  • 35Access to terminal B
  • 36Photo booth
  • 37Charging station
  • 38Baggage assistance