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New Traffic Rules Around the Airport

On 15 July, lux-Airport completed the extension of the Kiss & Fly parking in front of the Terminal after 3 months of intensive works. The goal of these works was to enlarge the Kiss & Fly parking which had become too small due to the fast expansion of the airport.

The Kiss & Fly Parking, which is meant to drop off or pick up passengers, had a capacity of 131 spaces for cars before the works. This capacity is now increased to 292 spaces. A separate parking D has been created for up to 50 minivans from hotels & travel agencies which are gaining in popularity. Reserved spaces for handicapped people have also been more than doubled to 12. Dedicated parking spaces for motorcycles have been created on top of the existing parking for bicycles, mopeds or small scooters under the canopy of the Kiss & Fly parking. Two-wheelers enjoy a separate entry and exit as well as free parking.

The major difference is that traffic in front of the terminal to drop off or pick up passengers is strictly prohibited for security reasons. Therefore all traffic is now directed onto the Kiss & Fly parking or into the underground parking without exception. Parking is still free for the first 15 minutes. Parking rates remain unchanged. If a driver makes a mistake and finds himself before the Kiss & Fly entry barriers, but wants to go to another parking, he or she only needs to take a ticket at the entrance and use the same ticket to exit again at the other end free of charge, as long as it is within 15 minutes. Only Taxi’s & buses are still allowed in front of the terminal. The number of bus parkings in front of the terminal has been increased. Also the free shuttle bus to the Economy Parking M is now located in front of the terminal.

Up to 2 hours free parking

A cheaper alternative for the Kiss & Fly parking are the Outdoor Parkings E, F & G: these also have 15 minutes free of charge, and you only pay 1,5 € per additional 15 minutes. These parkings are also very close to the terminal. If you buy a coffee at Starbucks or at Oberweis shop, Lux Brewery or Comptoir du Bon Pays you get 30 minutes free of charge on every parking. And if you have Lunch or Dinner in the brand new Oberweis restaurant or you buy something above 50€ in the Aelia Duty Free shop landside, you receive 2 hours of free parking.

Further enhancements for the passengers are the addition of 150 new baggage trolleys and the installation of new Wifi antennas on the Kiss & Fly parking which now extends the reach of the famous free, fast and unlimited Wifi to all nearby parkings. For people who do not wish to waste time waiting for an arriving flight, lux-Airport strongly recommends to download the lux-Airport App, available for Apple and Android. On the app all the actual arrival- and departure times are shown in real time along with useful airport information including the location of parkings, an itinerary calculator, information on the buslines, a list of the shops, restaurants & bars and lots of other useful information. With this list of new improvements to the airport, lux-Airport continues its strategy to continuously improve the service to its passengers and visitors.

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