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Our Runway Renovation: A look back at a momentous milestone

Our Runway Renovation: A Look Back At A Momentous Milestone

Happy new year, Bonne année, Frohes neues Jahr and Schéint Neit Joer! As we welcome in the new year, we invite you to take a look back at one of our greatest milestone achievements from the recent past, the renovation of the runway! The renovation has been one of the biggest undertakings lux-Airport has ever […]

China Southern celebrates first flight from lux-Airport!

China Southern Celebrates First Flight From Lux-Airport!

On December 22nd, lux-Airport and China Southern celebrated the historic inaugural flight from Luxembourg to Zhengzhou with an unforgettable gate event that showcased the spirit of collaboration and international connectivity. The atmosphere was charged with excitement as passengers, airport staff, and airline representatives gathered to mark the commencement of this new air route. The gate […]

Enjoy our Xmas Market at lux-Airport!

Enjoy Our Xmas Market At Lux-Airport!

Indulge yourself into homemade delights!  Step into the enchanting festive atmosphere at our Airport Xmas Market just outside the terminal! Indulge in the spirit of the season with a delightful array of homemade treats, including fresh Waffles, Crêpes, Tartiflette Maison, Glühwein, Hot Chocolate, Gromperekichelcher, Smoked Salmon and more. Plus, visit our charity stand to spread some […]

TAP celebrates 45 years of flying from Luxembourg!

Tap Celebrates 45 Years Of Flying From Luxembourg!

We are delighted to share a momentous milestone with you: TAP Air Portugal has been through the sky to Luxembourg for 45 years! Since its inaugural flight, TAP has been a continuous companion for travelers, bridging cultures and creating unforgettable journeys. As we reflect on the past four and a half decades, we are reminded […]

lux-Airport supports Unicef World Children’s Day

Lux-Airport Supports Unicef World Children’S Day

This is the first time ever that lux-Airport is participating in UNICEF’s #GoBlue week. From 13-20 November 2023, the terminal at Luxembourg Airport is illuminated in blue—a powerful visual expression of solidarity with children worldwide. It is important to emphasize that these blue lights are not mere decorations but integral to the #GoBlue campaign. To […]

Major lorry collision halts traffic on A1 motorway

Major Lorry Collision Halts Traffic On A1 Motorway

Please be aware those of you travelling to the airport today via the A1 motorway, a major collision are completely halted all traffic, resulting in a complete standstill as a consequence, affecting the A3 and A6 towards the Gasperich intersection. We advise you to arrive via alternate routes. For up to date traffic information and […]

Ljubljana first flight gate event with Luxair

Ljubljana First Flight Gate Event With Luxair

Our gate event for the first flight to Ljubljana with Luxair was a momentous occasion that marked the inauguration of a new and exciting air route. The event buzzed with anticipation as passengers, airline personnel, airport staff and special VIP guests gathered to celebrate this milestone. Luxair’s commitment to expanding its network was evident in […]

Please plan ahead if you plan on travelling in the near future due to upcoming roadworks

Please Plan Ahead If You Plan On Travelling In The Near Future Due To Upcoming Roadworks

(28.07.2023 to 31.07.2023 ) Please plan ahead if you plan on travelling in the near future due to upcoming roadworks. The Administration des ponts et chaussées will repair the road surface on the Gasperich cross from Friday 28.07.2023 at 22:00 until Monday 31.07.2023 at 5:00. This will impact those using the A1 motorway towards Trier […]

lux-Airport celebrates 10 Years with Turkish Airlines

Lux-Airport Celebrates 10 Years With Turkish Airlines

For 10 years now Turkish Airlines has connected cultures and continents with their flights from Luxembourg Airport. As CEO of lux-Airport, Alexander Flassak said in his speach during the event celebrating 10 Years with Turkish Airlines: “Behind Turkish Airlines’ flights, there’s a whole world of heart-touching stories, lifelong memories, and deep emotions. These stories wouldn’t […]

Welcome to our first flight event with Wizz Air from Luxembourg

Welcome To Our First Flight Event With Wizz Air From Luxembourg

14.06.2023 marks the start of Wizz Air at Luxembourg airport Are you interested in getting a glimpse of the moments from our remarkable event with Wizz Air? We invite you to this curated collection of exclusive photos from the first flight with Wizz Air from Luxembourg to Bucharest that capture the essence of the day. […]

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