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Got an appetite for adventure? The best nature trails in Luxembourg

Luxembourg’s ideal location gives it a stunning beauty that you need to see to believe. More than a third of Luxembourg is surrounded by vast open plains, towering mountains, and parks which are home to dense forests. It’s no wonder that when I come to visit my friends in Luxembourg they want to take me to see these breath-taking landscapes. If you have an appetite for adventure, then read on and discover my favourite nature trails in Luxembourg!

Nature Trails In Luxembourg

Luxembourg City

A good place to start is Luxembourg City’s Wenzel Circular Walk. I absolutely love strolling through it on sunny afternoons, taking in the sights and sounds in this oasis of serenity. This rather peaceful walk will take you through many picturesque views overlooking the beautiful city.

You’ll also get the chance to see the Bock Promontory, The Castle Bridge, Wenzel’s Wall and a huge variety of other fantastic historical towers, walls and bridges. There are also several lush gardens along the way leading towards the UNESCO site that is Luxembourg City’s Old Town. If you’re walking at a brisk pace, the whole circuit should take about 3 hours to complete.


The Ardennes

Coming here is always a great excuse to get away from the hustle and bustle of daily life and I relish the opportunity to walk along the Escapardenne Eisleck Trail. There are 5 different adventurous stages on this trail which equate to a total distance of over 100km. Starting at Kautenbach, a small village in the north of Luxembourg, the trail continues all the way to La Roche-en-Ardenne in Belgium.

Nature Trails In Luxembourg

This is a fantastic experience if you’re looking for a 1 or 2-day hike, depending on how much you plan to walk each day. Expect to see a range of landscapes from steep-sided valleys, charming little villages, densely forested areas and even an old Celtic fortress.



Mullerthal’s landscape is a hiker’s paradise and earned its region the nickname “Little Switzerland”. This is by far my favourite hiking trail in Luxembourg. The area is famed for its network of wooded highlands, steep cliffs, sandstone rock formations, majestic waterfalls and dark caves. There are 3 different routes you can take on this trail. Each of them loops around and are almost equal in length. Route 1 stretches over 38km, while route 2 and 3 are both 37km each.

Nature Trails In Luxembourg

When I come here I like to start off at the famous Schiessentümpel waterfall. This beautiful landmark is located very close to the beginning of Route 3 in the locality of Mullerthal. This beautiful waterfall, with its quaint stone bridge, is a very popular sight for hikers and photographers alike.



The Moselle River region is great for more than just hiking, it’s also home to Luxembourg’s vineyards. The 55km long Moselle Nature Trail will lead you along sheer rock faces, weave their way through vine-filled slopes and end at breath-taking viewpoints of picturesque wine villages. Usually, when I go on this hike with friends, I like to get there very early in the morning. By the time we’ve completed the trek, it’s time to relax and enjoy some of the local wine. Sometimes we even go on a tour of one of the many wine cellars. It really is a fantastic way to spend a day.

Nature Trails In Luxembourg

Whether it’s a physically intense trek you’re after, or something secure for family-friendly outings, the vast network of nature trails in Luxembourg are sure to please the most diverse range of expertise and interest. Why not hike several national footpaths in stages over several days? It’s the ideal way to discover Luxembourg. Pack your backpack, lace up your trekking boots, and experience pure hiking enjoyment!

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