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New record: 3 million passengers at lux-Airport in 2016

3 million passengers, 12,4% growth in 2016

Strong passenger growth

Luxairport 3Mpax 29122016 1The fast growth of Luxembourg airport continued in 2016: a total of 3.02 million passengers passed through the airport in 2016, an increase of 12.4% compared to 2015 when 2.69 million passengers used the airport. In just three years the airport grew from 2 million passengers to 3 million passengers.

This result surpassed by far the expectations of lux-Airport, which had budgeted for 2.85 million passengers. The main reasons for this accelerated growth were the arrival of 5 new airlines at Luxembourg Airport (Hop! Air France, LOT Polish Airlines, Aegean Airlines, Flybe and Ryanair) and the very fast growth of existing airlines at Luxembourg Airport. The most spectacular growth was recorded in the first quarter of the year at 22.2%. The growth slowed somewhat over the summer months following global events but accelerated again to double digit figures from October onwards, with December closing the year at an impressive 22,1% compared to December 2015.

Luxair remains by far the largest customer of the airport at 1.73 million passengers or 57% market share. Luxair added two new Q400 planes to its fleet in 2016, fully replacing smaller aircraft. Lufthansa climbed to second place in spectacular fashion with a growth rate of 202% and 287.000 passengers. Lufthansa increased its flights to 4 daily each to Frankfurt and Munich. EasyJet is firmly in 3rd position with 244.000 passengers or 23% growth. KLM also grew 11.9% to 164.00 passengers.

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3 millionth passenger celebrated

Luxembourg Airport celebrated on 29th of December its 3 millionth passenger for the year 2016. Ms. Alda Goncalves, living in the north of Luxembourg, was the lucky one arriving as the 3 millionth passenger with a Luxair flight from Lisbon. Luxembourg Airport warmly welcomed Ms. Goncalves with a party hosted by the airlines and the airports staff, together with the passengers. As lucky 3 millionth passenger, Ms. Goncalves received a LuxairTours travel voucher, a VIP treatment and free parking from Luxembourg Airport and a magnum bottle of Crémant from AOP Moselle Luxembourgeoise. Further free Crémant was offered by AOP Moselle Luxembourgeoise to all passengers and Lux-Airport visitors.


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