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lux-Airport issues its first Sustainability Report

The Environment is an integral part of lux-Airport activities

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Even in these extraordinary times, where subjects concerning COVID are on the focus, lux-Airport monitors and works on its environmental developments and therefore publishing its first Sustainability Report, which is available as a digital version at the lux-Airport website. While green airport is a buzzword, bringing different positions on the plan, the challenges and possibilities are various. Managing the environmental impact of an airport is possible; hence, the objectives of reducing the carbon footprint is obtained by several aligned measures, mainly featured by the reduction of energy consumption, water- and waste management. The insights into the environmental achievements and efforts of lux-Airport are available online in the newly created section “Sustainability & Environment”. Readers will find more information about sustainability programs in which lux-Airport engaged, future projects of the airport, their environmental impacts, actions the airport operator lux-Airport put in place to preserve biodiversity, and measures against noise pollution.

Major achievements & labels

ACI Airport Carbon Accreditation

lux-Airport as the operator of Luxembourg airport engaged in the ACI Airport Carbon accreditation program. With the aim to become carbon neutral until 2050, lux-Airport currently attaint level 2 of the program, meaning that the entity achieved a remarkable reduction of its carbon footprint. The next step is to optimize the carbon emissions by engaging third parties, including airlines and various service providers at the airport. Read more details here.

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Lean & Green Certification

LEAN & GREEN is an international program to reduce CO2 emissions, promoted in Luxembourg by the Cluster for Logistics (C4L) since 2014 in collaboration with the Ministry of Mobility and Public Works. The label encourages companies with logistics activities or real estate activities to move to a higher level of sustainability. lux-Airport participates in the LEAN and GREEN program and therefore committed to achieving a 20% reduction of its carbon footprint within five years. In just three years, between 2016 and 2019, lux-Airport realized a 26% reduction of its relative carbon emissions (emissions compared to the number of passengers and freight’s tones), and thus received its first Lean & Green star 2020.

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SuperDreckskëscht® Label

Environmental engagement also passes through strong waste management. Avoiding waste and, if not possible, to reduce, recycle, and disposing is key. The Luxembourg Label SuperDreckskëscht® stands for a sound treatment of available raw material and energy sources, claiming “Safety and Future for Everyone.” lux-Airport is a holder of the label for a few years and regularly reviewing to improve the system continuously.

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