Environment and sustainability


Improving an airport’s sustainability is a challenge. And yet, with the help of involved management, committed partners and motivated employees, opportunities become multifold. At lux-Airport, we base our environmental management on a variety of objectives: the reduction of our energy consumption and carbon footprint, the management of water, waste, soil and subsoil as well as the preservation of biodiversity.

Our goal is to use a structured environmental management system to guide our actions. We thereby create a solid foundation to motivate and involve all our stakeholders in the joint pursuit of preserving and improving the environment. This area of our website and the second issue of our > Environmental Report details our achievements and how we approach today’s crucial question: how can we contribute to a more sustainable aviation industry? Thank you for joining us on this journey and for your interest – in addition here you can find our > Environmental Policy (PDF).

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We are pleased about certificates already acquired on the way to Green Airport:

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Environment Optimization Diagram
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