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Wi-Fi Connection at Luxembourg Airport Now up to 10 Times Faster

Service first: lux-Airport improves its free and unlimited Wi-Fi service

Another step towards a more user-friendly Luxembourg airport has been made by upgrading the free, unlimited Wi-Fi network recently at Luxembourg Airport. Visitors and travellers can now benefit from a free Wi-Fi connection which is up to 10 times faster depending on the location in the terminal. The free Wi-Fi is available in the public area of the terminal, at the boarding gates, in all shops and restaurants and also on the short term parking C. The free Wi-Fi can be found under the name “Airport Free Wi-Fi”.

The number of Wi-Fi antennas at the airport has been more than doubled to around 115 which allow passengers and visitors to work without any loss of quality or speed even during peak times in the terminal. The Wi-Fi is now so fast that streaming video is possible without any problem. Shortening waiting time by streaming videos and movies, having an online conference, using voice over IP calls or simply surfing on the internet – everything is fast and easy to access. One just needs to accept the general conditions of lux-Airport and connect to the Airport Free Wi-Fi. Hence no additional information is asked from the user. lux-Airport firmly believes that easy, fast and completely free and unlimited internet access is a fundamental service every high quality airport should deliver to its passengers. That’s why lux-Airport already 3 years ago was one of the first airports in Europe to offer completely free and unlimited Wi-Fi to its visitors and passengers.

Free Wifi Connection At Lux Airport 2017 Eng 1

This is how the new login screen to the free lux-Airport Wi-Fi looks like.
Only two clicks are necessary to access the speed lux-Airport Wi-Fi.

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