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New baggage handling system (BHS) at Luxembourg Airport upgraded to “Standard 3 – Approved explosives detection systems”

20 10 05 New Bhs System At Luxembourg Airport Compliant To Standard 3 1

  • Luxembourg Airport is compliant with new European Regulation 2015/1998 on aviation security, upgrading its facilities to comply with Advanced Screening Standard 3
  • Luxembourg Airport is ready on time, even though the date for compliance has now been postponed to 2021
  • The first phase of moving the Baggage Handling System has been completed, and the second phase is currently underway


An airport’s basic business includes handling baggage, ensuring passenger safety, and providing the best platform through which airlines can successfully operate their flights. Staying on schedule and getting the right luggage to the right flight are crucial for ensuring that passengers have a good experience. In addition, a baggage handling system (BHS) is intertwined with airport security and must ensure that all baggage on a flight has been properly screened and is safe for transport. The requirements for hold baggage screening changed as a result of EU Regulation 2015/1998 whose initial deadline for implementation was September 2020 and has now been postponed to 2021 due to circumstances resulting from the Coronavirus pandemic.


Over the past two years, the Luxembourg airport team successfully moved the first half of the baggage handling system, completing their work in time in line with the former deadline of the new EU Regulation. The new standard was implemented in order to achieve higher levels of security. Due to the Coronavirus, the deadline for compliance for all airports has now been postponed to 2021. Luxembourg airport was nevertheless able to complete the relevant works according to the original schedule, and the Direction Aviation Civile (DAC) has approved them. Sticking to the deadline and being ready as initially planned was only possible because the works were carried out in parallel to daily operations and at night. This was made all the more difficult by the immense technical challenge of dismantling the system into smaller pieces, removing them from the terminal, and rebuilding the new system part by part in the dedicated area. The move required detailed planning of actions and resources, while daily life at the airport had to remain uninterrupted. The first part of the baggage handling system is now compliant and operational. The next step, moving the second half of the baggage handling system, has been initiated. The new BHS system is very efficient and is optimized in terms of security.


According to René Steinhaus, CEO of lux-Airport: “Moving and overhauling our BHS system can be compared to open-heart surgery; you replace a system while the rest of the body must continue to function as normal. Moving the entire baggage handling system was certainly a challenge, and meeting that challenge was made possible thanks to the exceptional cooperation and collaboration of the various teams”.

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