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Luxembourg Airport takes visibility and efficiency to the next level with Nallian for Air Cargo

  • Nallian and lux-Airport implement new Cargo Community System   (CSS) at Luxemburg Airport
  • Improved processes, predictability and transparence
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From left to right: Daniel Kohl (Arthur Welter), Daniel Boehlke (Kuehne+Nagel), Armin Weirich (Kuehne+Nagel), Franco Nanna (Cargolux), Rene Steinhaus (lux-airport), Hilde Havermans (Nallian), Jean-Marc Reynarts (LuxairCargo), Ronny Claes (Cargolux), Richard Forson (Cargolux), Gilles Schlesser (Ministère de l’Economie), Michael Octave (LuxairCargo), Volker Reiplinger (lux-Airport), Jonas van Stekelenburg (lux-Airport)

With 893.090 tons of Cargo in 2019, the Luxembourg airport is one of the most important cargo airports in Europe. In order to respond to business needs and to meet customer expectations, lux-Airport has engaged Nallian, a specialist of collaborative solutions in logistics and air cargo based in Belgium, to implement a cargo community system (CCS) at Luxembourg Airport.

The CCS represents an important component of the Luxembourg Single Window for Logistics program and will be set up as a neutral IT platform, open to all actors involved in international trade. Enabling real-time capturing and sharing of granular information regarding shipment processing, far beyond the traditional cargo data, it will empower all stakeholders involved to better plan and execute their processes and will drive efficiency and visibility with in-depth insights in performance.

In a first implementation phase in 2020, the application shall prove its operability and added value for the cargo community. Upon the successful run of perishables and live animals shipments with a limited number of involved actors, namely Cargolux, LuxairCargo, Kuehne+Nagel, Arthur Welter and the concerned public administrations, the CCS shall be rolled out to all types of cargo and all companies, that are interested to join.

Says René Steinhaus, CEO of lux-Airport: “lux-Airport is excited to implement, together with its cargo community, a data sharing platform. With this decision lux-Airport demonstrates its commitment to support the airport cargo community and to foster the competitiveness and further growth of Luxembourg as a European multimodal logistics hub. Nallian has been selected because the solution demonstrates their core competence in cargo communities, using best practice processes framework and enables for integration with other cargo communities. ”

Says Jean Verheyen, CEO of Nallian: “We are proud to have been selected by lux-Airport, with whom we share a common vision on the importance and power of digitization and data sharing for air cargo. We are excited to help them realize their ambition to further develop the competitiveness of the airport and the logistics sector in Luxembourg as a whole.”

About “Single Window for Logistics” /

The Single Window for Logistics program is an initiative of the Luxembourg Government meant to streamline collaboration and communication between relevant logistics stakeholders. It is coordinated by the Ministry of the Economy in close collaboration with Customs, lux-Airport and numerous other public and private partners. Its implementation is being done by delivering strategic projects contributing to an ecosystem favoring digitization, data harmonization and process improvement.

About Nallian /

Nallian is the world’s first provider of a next-generation collaborative data sharing platform for logistics hubs. Nallian has been successfully empowering supply chain communities in various industries, such as air cargo, maritime, and logistics, generating efficiency, transparency and visibility by unlocking the power of their connected network.

Nallian press service

For more information contact Joke Aerts, Head of Marketing at +32 473 55 80 60 or by email: [email protected]

About lux-Airport –

lux-Airport is the operating company  of Luxembourg airport. The airport provides direct flight services to 89 destinations and employs 330 people. In 2019 it welcomed 4,4 million passengers.

lux-Airport press service

If you have any questions, please contact Rebecca Pecnik-Welsch at (+352) 24 64 23 02 or by e-mail: [email protected] .

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