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Flex Carsharing arrived at lux-Airport

  • Flex Carsharing is the new mobility offer at Luxembourg Airport
  • Flex Carsharing is bookable 24/7 via the APP

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Just arrived at Luxembourg Airport, you need to decide for the next step to continue your journey.  Bus, taxi or rental car were on the list so far. As of now, there is an additional mobility offer at Luxembourg Airport with Flex Carsharing. The cars of Flex car sharing are bookable 24/7 via the Flex APP. However, what is the difference to a conventional rental car? “The special feature is the flexibility in use, because a Flex customer can lend our vehicles up from one hour to 72 hours, depending on their needs. Furthermore, there is no formalities at the counter and the return is relaxed. Also, the vehicles do not have to be refueled when they are returned as long as the level is sufficiently high. This means that Flex cars are used effectively and sustainability is supported. In terms of costs, a Flex car pays off for users: fuel and insurance are included in the rent, ”says Jürgen Berg, from CFL Mobility SA / Flex.

To register with Flex you need a driver’s license valid in Luxembourg, your ID card and a valid credit card (only Visa or Mastercard). The customer has two tariff models to choose from: With the basic subscription without monthly costs – you only pay when you use it. With the Gold subscription for 10 euros a month (minimum term 6 months) you benefit from cheaper hours and km tariffs as well as other advantages. “Car sharing is an important part of modern mobility. lux-Airport is very pleased to introduce carsharing to our mobility platform with an experienced partner like Flex. ”said René Steinhaus, CEO lux-Airport. With the new Flex Car sharing concept, lux-Airport focuses on the needs of passengers to be flexible and independent. For those who haven’t downloaded the Flex Carsharing APP before their  trip, one can log in to the free high-speed Wi-Fi at Luxembourg Airport and download the APP. Find more information about Flex Carsharing at .

About Flex / CFL Mobility –

CFL Mobility is with flex car sharing, over 100 vehicles at 44 stations throughout Luxembourg and around 2,600 subscriptions the leading car sharing provider in the Grand Duchy. Flex offers solutions for private users as well as customized solutions for companies.

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If you have any further questions, please contact Nadine Reding at (+352) 2883-3821 or via

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