How can I check, if I have scanned the QR-code in the correct manner?

Check the text on your parking ticket. You will automatically receive a reservation parking ticket with the text “Billet de réservation”. For more information see following video. If the QR
code has been scanned correctly, the text ticket will say “Billet de resérvation”. If you have pulled a standard parking ticket instead of using the QR-code in case the automatic licence plate
recognignition failed, the text "Ticket parking" appears on the parking ticket. In this case press the call buttom at the right top before entering the parking lot to adress the matter, our Parkservice team will be pleased to help you.
Be advised that pulling a standard parking ticket instead of the reservation parking ticket refers to an additional parking space blocked in our system not covered by your reservation which will
be payable upon leaving the parking lot unless waivered by our Parkservice team before entering said parking lot.

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