Change has begun

A crucial element of lux-Airport’s environmental management is the assessment and reduction of our CO2 emissions. The Airport Carbon Accreditation programme is the framework in which we document and analyze our progress – and we are pleased that we have recently achieved level 2 certification.



«At the beginning of the 1990s, I passed for a soft dreamer by announcing that we would halve CO2 emissions. Today, this is the case. I come back to the same idea: the hardest thing is to choose to change course. After that, it’s only a matter of deadlines and progress.»

Camille Gira – Former State Secretary for Sustainable Development and Infrastructure, Luxembourg

Our Goals

Our medium-term goal is complete CO2 neutrality. To this end, all of Luxembourg Airport’s activities are
carried out under sustainability aspects. As an airport, we are committed to sustainable growth in the truest sense of the word.


Key figures

We  measure our sustainability-related performance by means of meaningful key figures. They document progress, but also indicate necessary improvements, and thus form the basis for managing our sustainability activities on our way to 100% sustainable business operations.


Carbon footprint

Our approach to optimization

We are already aware that most of our carbon footprint is concentrated in the heating of older buildings. We will therefore analyze the thermal envelope, heating processes and management systems of these buildings to identify areas with a potential to reduce consumption.


Carbon Footprint

Numbers to E-mobility

New charging stations for electric vehicles have been installed in the underground car park at the terminal. We encourage the use of electrical vehicles airside.
A contract with a company renting only electric cars has been negotiated.


Diesel bus = 110 t CO² / year
Electrical bus = 1 t CO² / year

Savings = 109 t CO² / year


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