• The role of lux-Airport – empowering journeys and building futures
    The role of lux-Airport – empowering journeys and building futures lux-Airport is the operating company of Luxembourg airport and infrastructure developer for the airport vicinity. Founded in 2003, the company, counts currently over 360 employees working in different fields related to the airport management and real estate development. lux-Airport can review of a portfolio with … Read more
  • Ljubljana first flight gate event with Luxair
    Our gate event for the first flight to Ljubljana with Luxair was a momentous occasion that marked the inauguration of a new and exciting air route. The event buzzed with anticipation as passengers, airline personnel, airport staff and special VIP guests gathered to celebrate this milestone. Luxair’s commitment to expanding its network was evident in … Read more
  • lux-Airport celebrates 10 Years with Turkish Airlines
    For 10 years now Turkish Airlines has connected cultures and continents with their flights from Luxembourg Airport. As CEO of lux-Airport, Alexander Flassak said in his speach during the event celebrating 10 Years with Turkish Airlines: “Behind Turkish Airlines’ flights, there’s a whole world of heart-touching stories, lifelong memories, and deep emotions. These stories wouldn’t … Read more
  • Welcome to our first flight event with Wizz Air from Luxembourg
    14.06.2023 marks the start of Wizz Air at Luxembourg airport Are you interested in getting a glimpse of the moments from our remarkable event with Wizz Air? We invite you to this curated collection of exclusive photos from the first flight with Wizz Air from Luxembourg to Bucharest that capture the essence of the day. … Read more
  • Wizz Air arrives in Luxembourg: a new airline with three exciting routes
    Luxembourg, 14June 2023: Wizz Air, has officially inaugurated the first ever flight from Luxembourg – to Bucharest, Romania. Two more routes to Rome, Italy and Skopje, North Macedonia are scheduled to start in July and December respectively. All new Wizz Air routes will be operated year-round, offering affordable travel options on board its efficient Airbus … Read more
  • Cargolux inaugurates SAF at Luxembourg airport and operates carbon neutral flight to Zhengzhou in China
    Luxembourg, 14 June 2023 – Cargolux became the first airline to uplift SAF at Luxembourg’s Findel airport, a significant milestone in the vital journey to decarbonization. Cargolux, lux-Airport, World Fuel Services and Neste, four future-driven partners joined forces to secure the first delivery of Sustainable Aviation Fuel (SAF) to Luxembourg airport. The bio-based fuel was … Read more
  • Runway at Luxembourg Airport fully operational again afteremergency landing
    An emergency landing was made at Luxembourg airport on Sunday afternoon of 14.05.23 at around19:00 h. A Cargolux freighter reported a technical defect after take-off in Luxembourg and had toreturn to the airport. For this purpose, the Airport Emergency Plan was activated, flight operationswere temporarily suspended, the runway was kept clear and the CGDIS airport … Read more
  • Runway open again
    23-05-14/ UPDATE 0:53: The runway at Luxembourg Airport is open again for safe air traffic. Flights are resuming, and there are even some exceptional authorized night flights. As of the morning, traffic should be back to normal. Thanks to everyone involved, the team, and our kind passengers for their patience and comprehension. We apologize for … Read more
  • Current runway closure
    2023-05-14: UPDATE (time 21:55): The runway of Luxembourg Airport is currently still closed. Our joint teams are working on a clearance of the runway.  Planned arrivals are diverted, departures are delayed or cancelled. Please check with your airline your current flight status and further travel plans. Our next update will be as soon as we … Read more
  • Alexander Flassak nominated Chief Executive Officer of lux-Airport
    The lux-Airport Board of Directors today, 02.12.2022, unanimously confirmed Alexander Flassak as the Chief Executive Officer (CEO). Alexander Flassak has already been in charge as CEO ad Interim since May 2022. About Alexander Flassak: Alexander Flassak joined lux-Airport in 2014 as Chief Financial Officer and Head of Real Estate Development. Prior to this role, he … Read more
  • Onet to become a new service provider for cleaning the airport
    Onet will take over the cleaning at Luxembourg Airport from the first of June. Onet will be in charge of cleaning the airport, incl. Terminal A and B, the security check area, the Business Aviation Center and the salon d’Honneur, the car parks, offices, and the staff premises. We are looking forward to welcoming Onet … Read more
  • lux-Airport certified level 3+ ‘Neutrality’ of the ACI Airport Carbon Accreditation program
    • lux-Airport`s achievement of level 3+ ‘Neutrality’ results out of different initiatives to reduce airport’s carbon footprint • The certification is an essential milestone towards net-zero operations of lux-Airport’s infrastructure and car fleet in 2030 • lux-Airport uses renewable energy produced by 100% hydropower The ACI Airport Carbon Accreditation programme endorses the airport industry carbon … Read more
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