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Luxembourg Airport is a boutique airport that strives to offer you the quality and standards of a large hub airport with the shortcuts, comfort, and efficiency of a regional one. Luxembourg airport is the only international airport in Luxembourg and the Greater Regions gateway with more than 100 non-stop flight destinations and currently 13 different airlines. The year 2023 recorded a total of 4.79 million passengers, representing an increase of 8.9% compared with the reference year 2019, before the pandemic. Regarding Cargo, Luxembourg airport is one of the major players in Europe, always in the top ten list of Europeans Cargo Airports. In 2023 a total volume of 799,000 tonnes of cargo was handled at Luxembourg Airport. The full freighter airline Cargolux and the national airline Luxair Luxembourg Airlines have their home base at Luxembourg Airport.

Luxembourg airport or lux-Airport? Who is who?

The lux-Airport team manages the infrastructure of Luxembourg airport (LUX) and strives to provide convenience and comfort to all its travelers at all stages of their journey. Together with our partners, the airlines, groundhandlers, service providers, shops, and restaurants, lux-Airport aims to provide a good travel experience and to have your journey started here at LUX.

The role of lux-Airport – empowering journeys and building futures

lux-Airport is the operating company of Luxembourg airport and infrastructure developer for the airport vicinity. Founded in 2003, the company, counts currently over 360 employees working in different fields related to the airport management and real estate development.

lux-Airport can review of a portfolio with remarkable projects such as the construction of the Cargolux Headquarters, the building in progress Luxair Maintenance Hangar, the revamping of the Police School and Police Sports Hall, the bustling business center linked to the airport known as Skypark Business Center, and the 100% refurbishment of the sole runway at Luxembourg airport in 2021 and 2022. The latest milestone is the state-of-the-art CIS Findel building dedicated to one of the major players at the airport, the airport fire brigade. lux-Airport is fully committed to the client’s needs and specializes in sustainable, customized buildings.

Watch our timeline to see how it all started.


Aviation pioneers chose the site at Findel, to pursue their passion for flying


German Forces occupied the field to use it as an airbase


The United States Army used the airport to transport supplies to the war zone


The airfield was returned to Luxembourgish control and operations began


Luxembourg Airport opened for business, hosting over a thousand flights.  Wooden barracks served as the first terminal and tower


The first solid terminal opened and the home flag carrier “Luxembourg Airlines” was launched


Rapid expansion occurred thanks to Luxembourg’s flag carrier. A significant increase in traffic, saw the construction of two new runways measuring 2000 m by 60 m and 1600 m by 50 m.


The first aircraft hangar was set up. This hangar still exists today.


The main runway was extended to 2830 m and equipped with a lighting system, allowing flights to operate during the night


The home flag carrier “Luxembourg Airlines” was renamed to ‘Luxair’


The first jet aircraft landed at Luxembourg Airport


The cargo company Cargolux started operations on the grounds of Luxembourg Airport


A new and larger terminal was developed, giving the airport a fresh modern look


The main runway was extended again to reach a total of 4000 m


The Cargocenter opened


A massive reconstruction project began. Terminal A was built, bringing the airport into the 21st century


Terminal B, built to facilitate smaller planes, opened its doors to the public


The new contemporary Terminal A was inaugurated


The new Cargolux maintenance hangar suitable for Boeing 747 aircraft, opened


Luxembourg airport’s free trade zone, the “Freeport”, opened


Luxembourg Airport reached a record of 3 million passengers in one year


Opening of the new Terminal B


More than 4 million passengers fly through LUX and more than 950.000 tonnes of Cargo.


More than 4,4 million passengers fly through LUX to more than 86 direct destinations.

About Us Corporate Website Figures 2022


Figures are not 100 percent back, but the traffic is recovering, 4.05 Mio. passengers passed through the airport in 2022. A total of 975,000 tonnes of cargo was handled at Luxembourg Airport.

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The year 2023 recorded a total of 4.79 million passengers, representing an increase of 8.9% compared with the reference year 2019, before the pandemic. Luxembourg Airport was also awarded the title of the second-least-stressful airport in Europe this year.

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