Construction of the new Luxair Maintenance Hangar

lux-Airport builds the new Luxair Maintenance Hangar

lux-Airport considers itself an innovative project manager with forward-looking visions and state-of-the-art projects. One showcase project is currently the construction of the Luxair Maintenance Hangar. After 70 years of use, the Nennig hangar has become outdated. Therefore, the new hangar, whose name is still secret, is currently being called the “new hangar” and built according to new standards. The hangar will accommodate up to 3 aircraft simultaneously, and there will even be space for offices and storage. 

Facts new Maintenance Hangar Luxair:

Architect: Pit Hoffmann from cubus architectes S.à.r.l. L-5360 Schrassig

Works: Started 05/2022, finished by the end of 2023

Measurements of the Building: 110m x 100m, max. Height 22m

Aircraft Type hosting:  BOEING 737, BOMBARDIER Q400, AIRBUS A321. Three aircraft at the same time max.

What will be inside the hangar: maintenance workshops, storage areas for spare parts, nine ground hatches (PITs) to supply aircraft with power and extract paraffin vapors, integrated administrative offices, etc.

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