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Skypark Business Center South – First Milestone Airport City

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The Skypark Business Center South is the first visible milestone of the Airport City development.
The first building will be constructed on the plot directly beside the terminal.

René Steinhaus, CEO lux-Airport: “I’m looking forward to seeing the first milestone of our Airport City becoming a reality. The Skypark Business Center South will be a reference for environmentally friendly and sustainable buildings. It helps us to align our economic and ecologic goals.”

The project


  • Start of works planned in the course of 2019
  • Completion 2021/22
  • First phase of 10.000 – 15.000 sqm
  • Modular and highly flexible office project, which in full extent could host up to 40.000 sqm total space and 2.000 parking spaces
  • Besides offices, the building will host services, e.g. car rental center, shops, restaurants, fitness, kinder garden/crèche etc.


The architect


  • Sélectionné par consultation rémunérée (national/international)
  • BIG | Bjarke Ingels Group Copenhague/Danemark, en partenariat avec metaform/Luxembourg
  • BIG | Bjarke Ingels Group est l’unes cabinets d’architecture les plus renommés au monde (actuellement n° 3 dans le classement mondial des architectes –
  • Le Skypark Business Center South sera le premier projet de BIG au Luxembourg

Structural innovation & sustainability


  • lux-Airport aims to create a reference building concerning sustainability and environmental awareness
  • The wooden structure, photovoltaic, rainwater collection, high performing facade, green roofs and terraces, energy reduction due to heat retention by a green layer
  • Timber construction – very significant reduction in carbon footprint compared to steel or concrete
  • The use of green terraces turns existing sealed parking surfaces into green roofs
  • Double facade – significant reduction of noise and energy use, both for heating and cooling
  • Building geometry – optimization for daylight means less artificial lighting required


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