Covid19 Information Page

The welfare of our passengers and staff is our top priority. Therefore, we have adapted all our procedures and processes to guarantee your health protection as the best possible while traveling through Luxembourg Airport. In this section, you find the most relevant topics. Please check the sidebar menu to know more about the specific measures at the Luxembourg Airport, Luxair Airlines, and the Luxembourgish authorities’ related topics to COVID19. We wish you a safe journey and hope to see you again soon at Luxembourg airport.

lux-Airport provides the maximum of health protection by introducing consistent and complementary measures:

  • Permanent reminder to passengers and terminal users to respect the general hygienic rules
  • Obligation to wear a face-covering* in the terminal and in areas where the minimum distance of 2 meters cannot be obtained
  • Implementation of social distancing guidance in the terminal (signage, stickers, pictograms, monitors and terminal announcements)
  • Air conditioning system of the terminal with 100% fresh air and a complete air exchange every 30 minutes
  • Dedicated section on the lux-Airport website to inform passengers about all relevant procedures such as security process, protective measures, and links to relevant websites
  • Physical protection like the installation of Plexiglas-shields at counters
  • Extended cleaning and disinfection program, higher cleaning frequencies and cleaning of baggage trolleys and security trays after each use
  • Automated hand sanitizers on contact points, enabling passengers and staff to maintain hand hygiene where hand washing is not possible
  • Avoidance of bus boarding and de-boarding whenever possible
  • Staff protection measures such as relevant equipment and adaptation of procedures
  • Strict application of hygienic rules at the airport’s shops and food & beverage outlets

*More details please check section “Mask” below on this page. Thank you.


In order to protect our passengers, we implemented a separate passengers flow at the entrance and exit at the terminal.

You will access to the terminal through the right entrance, at the Starbucks side. Exits will be on the left side, in front of Oberweis shop.

All car parks are accessible, except the Parking M Economy. To enter the terminal from the underground parking, we ask you to go to level 0 and use the right entrance, at the Starbucks side.

The Flibco Bus is due to the current situation not providing any connection from Luxembourg Airport. The suspension is temporarily set until  30.09.2020 included.

Regarding the public transports, please be aware that wearing a mask is mandatory for staff and travelers. The front door of the bus remains closed, travelers are asked to get in and out of the rear doors. The first row of passenger seats should be kept unoccupied as far as possible. Travelers are not able to buy tickets in the bus for RegioZone. Users are requested to keep safe distance. Please find all this information and more details at


Please be aware that a mask or an appropriate face covering are mandatory* to enter the airport, and during your whole stay. If you don’t have any mask, then covering your nose and mouth by a handmade mask, a scarf or bandana could be an alternative.

You can buy masks at the airport, outside next to the right entrance door (Starbucks side).

You can take off your mask exclusively and for a short period of time while eating or drinking if you are going to consume food or drink at the airport. We ask you to keep the appropriate social distancing when you take off your mask for this purpose, and to show responsibility and respect towards other passengers. Please put on your mask as soon as you finish your snack.

How to wear your mask and take it off properly:

Put on a mask:

  • Wash your hands.
  • Put on the correct side of the mask: disposable mask – metal band for the nose upwards, folds to the outside and downwards / Alternative mask – folds on the outside and downwards
  • Put the elastic bands around your ears.
  • Adjust the mask so that it covers the nose, mouth and chin.
  • Disposable mask – Align the metal strap with the bridge of the nose.
  • Make sure that the edges of the mask are aligned closely to your face and under your chin.
  • Wash your hands.
  • Refrain from touching the mask afterwards.

Remove mask:

  • Wash your hands.
  • Use the elastic bands to carefully remove the mask without touching the front.
  • If it’s a single-use mask, throw it in the bin. Alternative masks must be washed daily and at a temperature of at least 60°.
  • Wash your hands.

*Due to the Luxemburgish law from 24th of June 2020, there is an exemption for people with disabilities under certain circumstances. Please visit to know more details and requirements.


During security controls, you need to keep your mask. Our safety agents wear also a mask, and lux-Airport has adapted all processes and procedures following the new regulations and recommendations for health and behavior. We aim to provide maximum safety and health protection for passenger and airport/airline staff.

Please find hereafter our recommendations during the security control:

  • Keep your face-covering
  • Keep appropriate distance
  • Have your documents ready: boarding pass and passport or ID-card
  • Enter the check-point upon request from our staff
  • Place your belongings in a tray (jacket/coat, belt and content of your pockets, small bags, liquids, aerosols and gels)
  • Place in a different tray laptop and tablet, camera, large electrical items,wires and battery chargers
  • After security check, use the remote tables to arrange your personal items

We thank you for your understanding.


We highly recommend you to respect the barrier gestures and practice a good hand hygiene, to protect others and yourself.

  • Wash your hands regularly and properly.
  • Cough or sneeze in a tissue or in the crease of the elbow. Throw the tissue in a bin with a lid.
  • Keep an appropriate distance with others.
  • Avoid touching your face with your hands as much as possible.
  • Avoid shaking hands or kissing.


We install stickers and visuals through the terminal to better guide you within the airport and provide the best protection for passengers and staff at Luxembourg Airport.

To avoid crowds and close contact, please respect the stickers installed on the floor in the queues at security checks, check-in counters, or at the cash desks in the shops and restaurants of the airport. We maximized the available capacity at check-in and security check to reduce waiting time, and enlarge queuing areas wherever possible.

Floor stickers indicate also waiting and standing areas around the baggage claim, to ensure the baggage collection can take place with social distancing.

We do our best to ensure that our facilities are as healthy as possible: physical protection at fixed contact points with large public traffic are installed, like Plexiglas at check-in desks, disinfection with sanitizers’ dispensers at contact points like baggage carts, security trays, doors, lifts… With an adjusted cleaning plan, we ensure all airport facilities are kept clean and hygienic at all times.


Selected shops are open with adapted opening hours to welcome you during your stay at the airport.

  • Aelia Duty Free shop (landside): Adapted opening hours
  • Aelia Duty Free Walkthrough (airside): Opening hours according to the flights timetable
  • Starbucks (landside): Adapted opening hours
  • Oberweis Shop (landside): Adapted opening hours
  • Moselier (airside): Opening hours according to the flights timetable
  • Panopolis (airside): Opening hours according to the flights timetable
  • Press & Books (landside): Adapted opening hours
  • Press & Books (airside): Adapted opening hours
  • Mademoiselle Vernis Nail Bar express: Adapted opening hours
  • Regus Express Business Center: Monday to Friday, from 8:30 to 12:30 and from 13:30 to 17:30

Don’t forget that Aelia offer a “Click and collect” service at the airport. Check the online catalogue to choose your products, order them 12 hours prior to your departure and collect them at the airport! Easy and efficient!

Pick up your orders at the Aelia shop in the departure hall (public area) and in the Aelia Duty Free Walkthrough in the boarding aera.


Due to the current situation, services and safety measures may vary from airline to airline. Please check with your airline directly for further information about your flight.

Luxair has introduced measures in order to meet the recommendations in the best possible way. Please visit their page dedicated to Covid19 measures to get more information.

COVID-19 test station

The COVID-19 test station at Luxembourg airport was one of the first airport test stations in Europe. It opened directly with the first scheduled flights on May 29th.
Upon arrival, passengers receive a test voucher that can be used at the airport test station or in one of the indicated laboratories. The test is non-obligatory and free of charge.