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International trade and humanitarian aid efforts depend in certain ways upon fast, reliable, and safe transport of goods. Airlines that are focusing on cargo operations provide these unique transportation services throughout their respective global networks. Besides operating and developing these networks, cargo airlines require dedicated cargo services and infrastructures on the ground, in order to enable effective and efficient intermodal air cargo logistics. A sophisticated airport – like Luxembourg Airport – that not only fulfills the specific needs of cargo aircraft operations but also supports its air cargo community is a platform for logistics.

Luxembourg Airport is one of the leading European platforms for global air cargo logistics with its unique infrastructure and dedicated services for cargo aircraft operations. As a result, Luxembourg Airport consistently ranks among the Top European Cargo airports for annual tonnes of handled air cargo.

The key cargo-related features of Luxembourg Airport are:

  • Cargo dedicated airport in the heart of Europe integrated into global air cargo networks
  • Infrastructure and services focused on freighter aircraft operations
  • Best-in-class freighter turnaround times
  • Short distances from aircraft to trucks
  • Direct access to major European highways
  • GDP-compliance certified platform for pharmaceutical goods
  • Established and successful cargo community
  • Home-base of Cargolux International Airlines
  • State-of-the-art Cargo Community System (currently being implemented)




The latest information on cargo flights to and from Luxembourg (airport code: LUX/ELLX) is provided here.

Further information is also provided by the track-and-trace functions on airwaybill-level directly through the respective airline websites (see links below).


Here you can find official company postings of our cargo community on Instagram. The companies are solely responsible for the contents of their posts.


Moving goods by air transport in a fast, reliable, and safe manner on a global scale requires a professional and well-synchronized air cargo logistics chain. Traditionally, air transport of goods is conducted by professional partners in a business-to-business environment. According to the specific transportation needs, the required air cargo logistics chain is orchestrated by freight forwarders and involves airlines, as well as a number of other essential contributors from the commercial and governmental side.

The number of different companies, professionals, and authorities involved in the air cargo transport at Luxembourg airport makes up the successful and established local air cargo community.


FREIGHT FORWARDERS (with a presence at LUX)


CARGO AIRLINES (with regular operations at LUX)


GROUND HANDLING AGENT (with a presence at LUX)


SERVICE PROVIDERS (with a presence at LUX)







lux-Airport is actively engaged in the air cargo community. A dedicated point of contact for cargo-related matters at lux-Airport is the Cargo Community Manager, who can be reached through the “contact us” function of the homepage.

lux-Airport is currently implementing a modern Cargo Community System with the aim to empower all stakeholders involved to better plan and execute their processes. Find out more information here.


Information for flight and airport operations – Aeronautical Information Publication.

Information about services and infrastructures related to Cargo Aircraft and Ground Handling.

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The preparation process for operating a charter cargo flight to LUX is rather simple and consists of two important steps:



If your company has air transport or logistics needs to or from Luxembourg Airport, we recommend that you contact one of the freight forwarders with a presence in Luxembourg. You can find an alphabetical list of freight forwarders here on our website.