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China Southern celebrates first flight from lux-Airport!

On December 22nd, lux-Airport and China Southern celebrated the historic inaugural flight from Luxembourg to Zhengzhou with an unforgettable gate event that showcased the spirit of collaboration and international connectivity. The atmosphere was charged with excitement as passengers, airport staff, and airline representatives gathered to mark the commencement of this new air route. The gate event was a harmonious blend of Luxembourg’s warm hospitality and China Southern’s vibrant cultural touch. Traditional Luxembourgish and Chinese elements adorned the gate area, creating a festive ambiance.

Representatives from Lux-Airport and China Southern expressed their enthusiasm for the partnership, emphasizing the significance of the new route in enhancing economic and cultural ties between Luxembourg and Zhengzhou. The inaugural flight celebration was not just a momentous occasion for the airline and the airport but also a symbol of the growing global connectivity and mutual respect between nations.

We invite you to have a sneak-peek at some of the photos taken at the event below:

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