Business Travel

Travelling for business is a necessity that we like to make as comfortable and convenient as possible for you. If you visit the airport for business travel, Luxembourg Airport can offer everything you need to get your work done while you travel.

Main Assets

Here at Lux Airport we try our best to facilitate all your business travel needs with these unique advantages:

  • The airport, connected to many international highways, acts as a hub to Western Europe
  • Underground parking offers direct access to the terminal
  • The contemporary terminal is easy to navigate with short walking times to the gates
  • Direct flights to major business capitals will get you to your destination with ease
  • The option of a VIP reception to treat you and your guests
  • Modern meeting rooms equipped with everything you need
  • High-end restaurants perfect for business lunches and dinners
  • A comfortable business lounge to relax in

Business Lounge

The business lounge is the perfect place to unwind before your flight. The comfortable backdrop has everything you need from delicious meals and drinks to the latest newspapers and magazines. The business lounge also offers free Wifi to keep you connected. So why not relax with a coffee and a snack while you add the finishing touches to your business proposal?

Opening hours:

MON: 4:00 – 19:45
TUE: 4:00 – 14:45
WED: 4:00 – 19:45
THU: 4:00 – 19:45
FRI: 4:00 – 19:45
SAT: 4:00 – 10h00
SUN: 4:00 – 18:00


Meeting Rooms

Here at Luxembourg Airport, we understand that time is of the essence when it comes to business travel.

Our state-of-the-art meeting rooms offer the perfect working environment to organize conferences, meet with clients, host business calls or prepare for meetings whilst waiting for your flight. A variety of rooms such as private offices, drop-in business lounges and co-working spaces, allows you to choose the best work conditions to suits your needs.

Air travel has never been more productive.

Free Wifi

We provide a fast wireless free internet connection in the terminal for your laptop or mobile phone. Simply connect to the internet and avail yourself of the airport’s wifi, free of charge.

VIP Welcome

Greet your guests in style with the option of a VIP welcome. Our dedicated, multilingual staff will make sure your guests are pampered above and beyond their expectations.

Discover more about the VIP services.

If you have any queries about the VIP services, don’t hesitate to contact us at: