Women in modern society

Lux-Airport supports local artists, and we are delighted to present to you the art of Carmenly. It is the second exhibition in our series “art at lux-Airport” and you can enjoy the beautiful paintings either at the Business Aviation Center of Luxembourg airport or online.

The approach of Carmenly is focusing on the representation of women in modern society.  She tries to reach the viewer through the aura of the subject. Beauty and simple aesthetics are not enough, it is all about that “extra thing” which could be described as charisma or personality: “I want to express emotions and I primarily use colors for this. My goal is to create a relational aesthetic, which aims to create curiosity and a personal link to the image.” The attitude of the women, their look, and their stories reflect a certain state of mind. They all have a deep-rooted melancholy in common that they are ready to share with you. The exhibition highlights the diversity of women, both from their characters and their origins.

About the artist

After studying marketing and communications, Carmenly graduated from a graphic and design school in 2006. She then worked as a vector designer for a Parisian event agency, developed a taste for painting with acrylic, and gradually integrated other materials. The first paintings were created in 2008. Her art focuses on the representation of women in today’s society and her paintings are largely based on poetry.

Take a look in the studio

Discover the artworks


Acrylic & Posca on Linen Canvas

Eline’s coldness is only an appearance, dive into her eyes and let yourself be carried away.


Acrylic & Posca on Linen Canvas

She keeps her head high and asserts her roots despite the little space left to her by American society.


Acrylic on wood support

Giulia, stubborn and sometimes sulky, this young Italian may have already crossed your path.


Acrylic & Posca on Linen Canvas

Black and green for Daria, queen of the Carpathians, a modern young woman, between freshness and mystery.

If you would like to see the pictures on-site you are more than welcome to visit the Business Aviation Center of Luxembourg Airport. Just email us at to make an appointment.


Acrylic & Posca on Linen Canvas

Black and orange, modernity and energy for Fran, a modern young Scottish woman. Have you ever met her?


Acrylic & Posca on Linen Canvas

The power of colors in the middle of the American desert in full burning man festival.


Acrylic & Posca on Linen Canvas

Post-COVID euphoria!


Acrylic & Posca on Linen Canvas

The philosophy according to Suzie: To live happily, live hidden!


Acrylic on wood support

The inspiring eyes of Irishwoman Victoria will not leave you indifferent.


Acrylic on wood support

Raïssa, a young Libyan woman with a strong character, follows you with her eyes … and you?


Acrylic & Ink on Linen Canvas

Sadness, melancholy, or loneliness? And what do you feel watching it?


Acrylic & Posca on Linen Canvas

On your next stopover in Hawaii, you might meet the colorful Billy.


Acrylic & Posca on wood support

This newcomer in electric colors will capture your gaze and never let go of your eyes…


Acrylic & Posca on wood support

What can Jo be thinking at this moment?


Acrylic & Posca on Linen Canvas

I present to you the original Molly, vintage and extroverted but resolutely modern!

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If you are interested in buying one of the artworks, please write an email to We will be more than happy to connect you directly to Carmenly to arrange a delivery in Luxembourg or abroad.

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