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Rapid antigen testing for all arriving passengers at Luxembourg Airport as of Saturday 2 January 2021

From Saturday, 2 January 2021, rapid antigen tests will be offered to all arriving passengers at Luxembourg Airport in addition to PCR tests. The tests are aimed primarily at those returning from holiday destinations.

Homepage News Rapid Test V2Upon arrival at Luxembourg Airport, passengers will receive a voucher for a COVID-19 test at baggage claim, which can be used from 2 January either for a PCR test as before or at a new airport rapid test station. After a nasopharyngeal rapid test, passengers can leave the airport immediately and will receive the result by SMS within 3 hours. If the test result is positive, the passenger will be contacted by the authorities with further instructions.

The new COVID-19 rapid test service is voluntary and free of charge. It aims to complement the PCR test already offered to arriving passengers at the airport since May 2020 and thus create an additional test offer. Arriving passengers will already be made aware of both test offers by the airline’s announcements after landing in Luxembourg.

The current participation rate of the PCR test at Findel is about 30% on average. With the additional rapid tests, a higher participation rate is expected, especially during peak times with higher passenger traffic.

The PCR test station is located at the exit of the arrivals hall, while the new rapid test station has been set up at the current exit of the departures hall. It is operated in collaboration with the Laboratoire national de la Santé. The opening hours of the test stations are based on the flight schedule so that all arriving passengers can use the service. The rapid test station is a temporary installation that will be used until January 12.



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