VIP Services

VIP Welcome

We all know that first impressions count, so why not welcome your guests with a little more than they expected?

Let them start their journey in style by making use of the below services that will add that extra touch of comfort to their arrival or departure.

Dedicated VIP Transport

On arrival, we will welcome your guests with VIP transport that will take them to the airport’s underground parking. The nearest parking place can also be provided to ensure a quick departure from the airport.

Easy Boarding

All VIP guest’s luggage can be checked-in beforehand. Guests can be greeted in reserved parking places on their arrival and can be escorted to Luxembourg Airport’s private lounge. Here they can relax, away from the airport’s hustle and bustle. They are also given the privilege of boarding the plane before other passengers. A member of Luxembourg Airport’s fully trained staff will assist them whilst waiting to board.

Business Lounge

Treat your guests to coffee, pastries and champagne in Luxembourg Airport’s luxurious business lounge. Away from the busyness of the airport, your guests can relax and work comfortably. Our multilingual staff will take care of their every need to ensure their utmost comfort.

For any request regarding the Business Lounge, please contact; for any other information regarding our VIP services, feel free to contact us at