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Holiday Check-In food village & Holiday Magic Game

Holiday Check-In – Food Village 18.11. until 31.12.2022

Spend your time at the airport in a lovely festive atmosphere with lots of international food! Discover the lux-Airport food village in front of the airport terminal at parking C. The food market is open to the public and passengers. So why not meet there with colleagues or friends during lunch break? The choice is yours; from Eggnog to Glühwein, Crêpes, air-fried Churros to spicy Mexican food, tasty Korean delis, Italian Piadine, and great burger variations, every taste will find its preference.

Open daily from 11H30 à 21H

International Burgers

Holiday Check-In is more than food. During the entire period, you will discover many surprises at the airport. Participate and write your next new destination from Luxembourg on our Xmas Tree. If you travel during the period of 18.11. to 31.12.2022, you can participate in our game Holiday Magic. While shopping, you can win a training flight and much more.

Do you travel during this period from LUX between 01.12. and 24.12.22?
Do not miss participating in the game Holiday Magic

Shop, eat at the airport, and collect for each purchase stickers to get discounts, and at the end of the game, the chance to win one of the fantastic prizes. 

The selected shops where you can participate are Starbucks, Oberweis Shop, Press & Books, Aelia Duty Free, Signorini Tartufi, Panopolis, Moselier, Lux-Brewery.

Holiday Magic
Holiday Magic Collect And Win
Picture Of Pilots

Have you ever dreamt of winning a private flight or even having an instruction flight? Now it could be your turn!

lux-Airport and its partners proudly present the prizes of this year’s game, “Holiday Magic“, held from 01.12. until 24.12.22. Participating in the game allows you to win flights, restaurant vouchers, games, and gift sets.

For our participants of all 3 required stickers, we draw 2 prizes as follows:

  • 1st Prize: LFTA (Luxembourg Flight Training Academy) sightseeing flight/ instructor flight for 2 pax
  • 2nd Prize: TAP Air Portugal voucher to Porto

With 3 and 2 stickers, you have the chance to win by raffle the following: 

  • 3 sets of Monopoly Luxembourg, valued at 50€ each.
  • Oberweis goodies basket, 1 voucher of 50€ for Starbucks and 2 vouchers of 100€ for Oberweis Restaurant, validity until 31.12.2023, to spend in the Terminal Restaurant and Cafes.
  • 5 Aelia vouchers of 50€, validity until 31.12.2023, to spend in Aelia Duty-free store or Inflyter online app.
  • Signorini Tartufi Gift set, value of 50€

Check the entire terms and conditions to participate at “Holiday Magic” here by downloading the PDF.

Good luck!

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