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45 years of flying with TAP exclusive dinner

lux-Airport recently hosted an exclusive dinner event in collaboration with TAP Airlines, commemorating a remarkable 45 years of unwavering service connecting Luxembourg to global destinations. The soirée unfolded within the distinguished confines of lux-Airport, reflecting the airport’s commitment to providing a world-class setting for significant aviation milestones.

Attended by esteemed guests the evening highlighted the enduring partnership between lux-Airport and TAP Airlines. Against the backdrop of a meticulously curated ambiance, attendees were treated to an exceptional gastronomic experience, characterized by sophisticated cuisine and premium beverages. The event featured addresses acknowledging the pivotal role TAP Airlines has played in fortifying Luxembourg’s prominence as an international travel hub. As attendees raised toasts in recognition of the airline’s 45 years of service excellence, the occasion symbolized not only a commemoration of past achievements but also a platform for fostering continued collaboration and innovation within the aviation sector.

We invite you to take a look at the photos from the evening in the gallery below:

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