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The role of lux-Airport – empowering journeys and building futures

The role of lux-Airport – empowering journeys and building futures

lux-Airport is the operating company of Luxembourg airport and infrastructure developer for the airport vicinity. Founded in 2003, the company, counts currently over 360 employees working in different fields related to the airport management and real estate development. lux-Airport can review of a portfolio with remarkable projects such as the construction of the Cargolux Headquarters, the building in progress Luxair Maintenance Hangar, the revamping of the Police School and Police Sports Hall, the bustling business center linked to the airport known as Skypark Business Center, and the 100% refurbishment of the sole runway at Luxembourg airport in 2021 and 2022.

The latest milestone is the state-of-the-art CIS Findel building dedicated to an essential partner at the airport, the airport fire brigade. lux-Airport is fully committed to the client’s needs and specializes in sustainable, customized buildings. Hence, the new CIS Findel building answers both, requesting a modern, fast infrastructure and a safe, airside environment respecting all rules and regulations.
The building is very focused on operational needs. However, the awareness of including as many sustainable elements as possible was crucial for lux-Airport.

Sustainable key facts regarding the building and the surroundings:

  • 8 Charging Stations for E-Cars using 100% hydropower electricity
  • 240 kWp Photovoltaic panels on the roof of the new CIS Findel producing 240 000 kWh/a
  • 430 m3 rainwater reservoir collecting water from the CIS Findel and Hangar Nennig. This water can be used to refill the fire trucks for e.g., testing.
  • Renewal of the entire wastewater area in the surroundings of CIS Findel

Have an exclusive look at the cutting-edge of the new CIS Findel building and visit the lux-Airport YouTube Channel.

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