aeroport de luxembourg

my journey starts here – The Corporate Movie

This is the full version of the lux-Airport video, which was realized with special drones, trained drone pilots, and helicopters. You will love the beautiful view from above, which shows lux-Airport from a different angle. Enjoy the unusual pictures from an aerial view and beautiful, modern aircraft. Thanks for watching. Feel free to comment on this video and/or share it. If you like what you see, please give us a thumb up and subscribe.

Luxembourg Airport would like to thank the Air Navigation Administration and the Directorate of Civil Aviation for their strong support during the film works. Thanks to all participants and people involved – especially the airlines, pilots, air-traffic controllers and security staff. Please note that this film was realized with special high-tech equipment and trained drone pilots in coordination with airlines, pilots, air-traffic controllers, and authorities and in accordance with applicable legislation. Have fun watching the Making-Of and subscribe our channels on Youtube, Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook. DO NOT FORGET TO TURN ON THE SPEAKERS – GREAT SOUND!

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