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Website Promo Section Insta And Facebook Game Flyluckylux FAre you a #luxspector ? Investigate at our game #flyluckylux the destination in question and win free flight tickets from Luxembourg! Competition has been extended until 02.10.19!

How to participate in our Instagram competition #flyluckylux:

1) To be eligible to participate you have at least to be 18 years of age and be living in either Luxembourg, France, Belgium, The Netherlands, Germany, Austria, Swiss, UK, Italy, Portugal, Spain, Poland, Greece, Turkey, Denmark, Sweden, or Norway.

2) Follow us on Instagram or on Facebook, depending on which channel you participate. You can even play on both channels if you wish.

3) lux-Airport is uploading several picture hints, the first pictures are zoomed in but with every new hint, the picture will be zoomed out and it gets more obvious where the destination is.

4) Check the picture with the hint of the destination to win. Make a guess and post your answer visible under the picture as a comment. You need to be precise with your answer, mentioning a country or city is not enough. You need to name precisely the place. For an answer to be considered legit, it must contain the relevance of a single tourist attraction only.  Answers with multiple references will be disregarded.

5) There will be during each day, 2 hints on Facebook and 3 hints on Instagram about the shown destination. On Facebook, the times for the hints are 10:00 CET and 15:00 CET. On Instagram, the times for the hints are 10:05  CET, 12:05 CET and 15:05 CET.

6) Winners of the quiz are determined by the right answer. The first right answer posted under the picture is the winner. As the pictures will be posted on Instagram and Facebook, the one who posted the first right answer wins.

7) A winner cannot participate a second time. However, partners or relative of the winner can participate in the next game.

8) You can win free flight tickets to the destination and back. A winner gets 2 flight tickets for the destination.

9) The validity of each flight ticket is specified during the destination of the week announcement and may vary from one airline to other. The validity is also mentioned on the corresponding vouchers.  Destinations are fixed and cannot be changed. Flight dates are not fixed, but available flight dates may vary due to the airline’s occupancy rate.

You checked the hints and want to post an answer but you are not sure if this is right? Then check the destinations reachable from LUX here.

You have still some more questions? Check the entire General terms and conditions for the social media contest #FlyLuckyLux here .

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