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General terms and conditions for the social media contest #FlyLuckyLux

By participating in the contest „# FlyLuckyLux” as detailed below you declare that you accept the present general terms and conditions.

1. The organizer of the contest is the Société de l’Aéroport de Luxembourg S.A., B.P. 635, L-2016 Luxembourg („lux-Airport“).

2. To participate in the contest, the participant has to be at least 18 years of age and be living in either Luxembourg, France, Belgium, The Netherland, Germany, Austria, Swiss, UK, Italy, Portugal, Spain, Poland, Greece, Turkey, Denmark, Sweden, or Norway.

3. The contest begins on 19.08.2017 at 10:00 CET and ends on 11.09.2019 at 24:00 CET on the social media channels Facebook and Instagram.
UPDATE: The competition has been extended until 02.10.2019

4. The contest is divided into 7 quiz competitions periods. First quiz competition period in the week, is starting on Tuesdays at 10:00 CET and ending on Wednesdays at 16:00 CET at the latest, second quiz period of the week is starting at Thursdays at 10:00 CET and ending on Saturdays at 16:00 CET at the latest. If the destination in question has been releveled earlier by a quiz participant, then the quiz ends at this point of time. Another game is only opened on the next foreseen start, so either on Mondays or Thursdays.

5. Participants have the opportunity to win different return flight tickets (to the destination and back from the destination ). Departure point of the flight ticket is always Luxembourg Airport. The returning point is also Luxembourg Airport.

 6. The goal of the game is to guess from a picture a flight destination from Luxembourg airport. Therefore, lux-Airport is uploading several pictures, which are first zoomed in, so that they show only a piece of the destination. With every new uploaded picture, the destination is zoomed out and it gets more obvious where the destination is. A winner needs to mention the destination in question and specify  the correct name of the place shown. A country or city mentioned is not enough. People need to be precise in their answer. Participants need to follow the lux-Airport Facebook account or Instagram account, depending on where they play. However, then can play on both channels, if they wish.

7. A winner cannot participate a second time. However, partners or relative of the winner can participate in the next game.

8. There will be during each day, 2 hints on Facebook and 3 hints on Instagram about the shown destination. On Facebook the times for the hints are: 10:00 CET and 15:00 CET. On Instagram the times for the hints are 10:05  CET, 12:05 CET and 15:05 CET.

9. Winners of the quiz are determined by the right answer. The first right answer posted under the picture is the winner. As the pictures will be posted on Instagram and Facebook, the one who posted the first right answer, wins. If the participant on Instagram was first to reveal the destination, then the Instagram participant wins. If the one who posted on Facebook, reveals the right answer fist, then the Facebook participant wins.

10. For an answer to be considered legit, it must contain the relevance of a single tourist attraction only.  Answers with multiple references will be disregarded.

11. The usernames of the winner or will be published on the Instagram and Facebook channel of lux-Airport. In addition, we will contact the winners via Instagram or Facebook direct message. The participants give their consent for lux-Airport to do so by participating in this contest.

12. Tampering in any way with the quiz and the social media supports is forbidden. Fraudulent participants will not be taken into account when choosing the winner.

13. The prizes are unique and are accepted “as is” in accordance with the manner in which they were announced. They are non-refundable and cannot be exchanged for cash payment by lux-Airport or the participating airlines.   

14. Participants need to pick up their prize at Luxembourg Airport. Alternatively, lux-Airport can send the prize per post mail but delivery is at the winner’s own risk. lux-Airport does not take any responsibility and no costs for the transportation of the winner to and from Luxemburg Airport. lux-Airport does not take in charge the parking costs at the airport. The prize tickets are to be claimed within two weeks of the announcement of the winner. The validity of each flight ticket is specified during the destination of the week announcement and may vary from one airline to other. The validity is also mentioned on the corresponding vouchers.  Destinations are fixed and cannot be changed. Flight dates are not fixed, but available flight dates may vary due to the airline’s occupancy rate.

15. lux-Airport will only collect, store and process personal data of participants as necessary to perform the contest and to hand over the prizes to the winners,  in accordance with lux-Airport’s privacy policy as published on our official website.  A person who did not provide the required information to participate in the contest, or whom we cannot properly identify based on the provided information is not eligible to become a winner. The names and personal information of participants, provided during the contest will be deleted after completion of the contest and delivery of the prizes.

16. We reserve the right to modify, cancel, terminate or interrupt the contest completely or in part, if we believe that the general terms and conditions of the contest can no longer be uphold or that its outcome is being jeopardized in case of hacking, computer bug, by any form of mischievous human intervention or any others reasons beyond our control which harm administration, security, independence or normal implementation of the contest. lux-Airport is not liable for losses, cancellations or delays caused by circumstances which are beyond our area of ​​responsibility, in particular not for acts, activities or omissions of suppliers selected by us to deliver the prize or circumstances of others type that can cause the contest to be interrupted or falsified, or that cause a prize to be lost or damaged on the way to the winner.

17. We are not liable for any claims in connection with the participation in the contest or the receipt and use of the prizes as well as for technical, hardware or software failures, losses, faulty or nonexistent network connections or difficulties of any kind that limit the ability to participate in the contest.

18. Any person who participates in the contest or attempts to participate in the contest in a manner that violates these general terms and conditions or their purpose or in a manner that is unfair to other participants (including, but not limited to, the manipulation the conduct of the action, embezzlement, hacking, misleading or other unfair practices such as trying others interfering, abusing, threatening or otherwise harming participants, lux-Airport and / or their representatives harassment) shall be excluded from this contest at our full discretion.

19. This contest is not organized, endorsed or sponsored in any way by the social media platforms listed in article 8 and has no connection to these. The participants accept that these social media platforms are not liable for matters relating to this contest.

20. The winner announcements are final. Disputes arising out of or in connection with the contest and or the present terms and conditions are subject to the exclusive jurisdiction of Luxembourg Courts and Tribunals. The contest and the present general terms and conditions are governed by Luxembourg law.

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