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Official re-opening of Terminal B today, in time for the summer holidays

5th of July the first flights started from Terminal B after 11 month of intensive construction

First Flight At The Terminal B At Luxembourg Airport - Luxembourg - Copenhagen
First flight at the Terminal B at Luxembourg Airport – Luxembourg – Copenhagen

On the 5th of July, after nine years of closure, the Terminal B at Luxembourg Airport was successfully revived. The extension of the airport with the reconstruction of Terminal B was urgently required due to the passenger’s increase in the past years. More precisely in figures; the first half of 2017 showed 1.639.000 passengers, which is a growth of 18,2% compared to the first half of 2016. Only 11 months of intensive construction were needed to provide a new and modern equipped additional terminal. During the test phase last week already 20 arrivals and 15 departures were successfully operated by lux-Airport together with the partner and home based carrier Luxair.

“Today we officially re-opened Terminal B, which is another milestone in the history of Luxembourg Airport. Passengers will benefit from the convenient boarding directly at the gates and the comfortable waiting areas. Further, we have adapted everything to the traveller of today, providing power and USB sockets to charge electronic devices, inventing new self-boarding gates, supplying free and fast WIFI. New shopping and dining possibilities will open end of July”, explains Johan Vanneste, CEO of lux-Airport.

After 11 Month Of Intensive Construction Terminal B At Luxembourg Airport Is Open
After 11 month of intensive construction Terminal B at Luxembourg Airport is open

The Terminal B will provide 9 additional gates, operating flights in the Schengen Area and therefore increasing the total number of gates from 15 to 24. Hence Terminal B is connected via a 200 m gangway, equipped with “Travelators” to Terminal A. However the check-in, security, baggage claim and arrivals remain in Terminal A.

  • General Facts and Figures about Terminal B
    Successful opening of Terminal B on schedule at 5th July 2015
    Intensive construction phase of just 11 month
    Already 20 arrivals and 15 departures successfully operated together with our partner and homebased carrier Luxair in the test phase of the new Terminal
    Capacity was urgently required as the passenger numbers of the first half of 2017 showed 1,639,000 passengers, a growth of 18,2% compared to 2016


Some impressions from the first days of Terminal B at Luxembourg Airport


Timeline Terminal B:

  • First opening in 2004
  • Closed in 2008, with the opening of the current Terminal A (capacity was not required)
  • Start of construction for the connection to Terminal A and refurbishing of Terminal B in September 2016
  • Re-opened on 5th July 2017

New Features:

  • Tailor-made Terminal for regional aircraft: Passenger can walk directly to the aircraft, which is parked in front of the boarding gate. No transfer by bus required to the aircraft increasing the comfort for passengers (90% of passengers will be served by contact gate compared to 35% today)
  • New seats equipped with power sockets and USB sockets to charge electronic devices
  • Special Seats for Passengers with reduced mobility
  • Special waiting area with lounge character
  • Comfortable innovative lounge chairs with beautiful view to the runway
  • New Pre-boarding areas
  • New Self-boarding gates
  • A new brasserie the “LUX Brewery Lounge” operated by SSP will provide a fantastic view on the apron and the aircraft (opening planned in July).
  • A new shop offering fashion and last minute duty free products, operated by Aelia (opening planned in July)
  • A new Bancomat, operated by BIL
  • Free and fast Wi-Fi, just like in Terminal A
  • Linked with comfortable “Travelators” to Terminal A (Parking, Public Transport, Entrance, Check-in, Security, baggage claim and Arrivals remain in Terminal A for all flights)

Technical Data:

  • 9 additional Schengen gates in Terminal B (number of Schengen gates nearly doubling from today 10 to 19), total number of gates increases from 15 to 24
  • Schengen gate floor space is nearly doubling to 3700 sqm, providing the highest service level for passengers
  • 34 km of new cables installed
  • 753 new lights installed, all with energy-saving LED technology, 162 lights refurbished
  • Total of 460 seated spaces including on innovative new “Flower”-seats
  • 14 new light masts for the aircraft parking stands, delivery zone up to 20 meters high
  • 120 new security cameras installed
  • New 90 meter building installed to connect Terminals, equipped with “Travelators” in both directions
  • 9 new Aircraft Static Power Supplies installed to reduce CO2 emissions

Which Airlines will fly from Terminal B:

  • Terminal B is for Schengen-flights only
  • Terminal B will be accessible for all airlines but restrictions apply on aircraft types

Mainly regional aircraft are possible types at Terminal B (e.g. Bombardier Q400 from Luxair, CRJ 900 from Lufthansa, Embraer E-Jets from LOT, KLM and the ATR42 from Hop! Air France)







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