Runway Rehabilitation FAQ

Click below for responses to frequently asked questions. Feel free to contact lux-Airport for additional information.

Passenger & customers

Is Luxembourg airport closed during the runway renovation?

Luxembourg airport remains open. The runway renovation works are carried out in the night curfew between 23h00 until the next morning at 6h00. Outside these hours, the runway remains open.

What does the runway renovation mean for my plans, are there any impacts on my flights?

The runway renovation works are scheduled during our nightly curfew between 23H00 and 6H00 in the morning. Scheduled flights normally arrive before that time, and departing flights are scheduled after 6H00 in the morning. The works are carefully planned and coordinated with the airlines. However, we cannot exclude impacts on delayed flights or minor delays that might happen due to unforeseen circumstances.

Are there deviations possible?

We cannot exclude that there are deviations of arriving flights if your flight has departed with a delay and risks not being in time before 23H00 arriving at Luxembourg airport. This should however be exceptional. Please check here if a flight is diverted to another airport.


What if my flight is delayed and the arrival/departure is later than 23h00 at Luxembourg airport?

There are no scheduled arrivals/departures after 23h00. If delays occur, the Airport is in close contact with its partners, the airlines to assess the impact.  For potential diversions or other flight changes please check here and contact your airline for further information.

When are deviations displayed? When can I get the information if my flight is diverted?

Sometimes deviations have very short notice, but in general, you have the possibility to check if your flight is diverted about 45 min before landing. Nevertheless, we recommend checking the status at our website here if your aircraft departs with delays.

Communities / Neighbours / Residents

Where can I find more information about the runway renovation?

Please visit our online section to get the latest news about our runway renovation. If you have further questions you are very welcome to contact us from 4H00 in the morning until 23H00 per phone at (+352) 24 64 – 0 or write us an email at Furthermore, we offer you the possibility to register here for any news about the airport.

I live in the surroundings of the construction site, are there any impacts like noise or light pollution expected?

We carried out a noise study in collaboration with the certified Luxemburgish engineer office, “Energie & Environement.” The result was that the surrounding areas’ noise level would stay at the same user-level and below the officially authorized limits. There will be works during the night and therefore also the light level will be higher than used in certain construction areas. However, these additional lights will not affect the surrounding neighborhood. If you encounter unusual noise or other irregularity referred to in the constructions, please feel free to contact us via email or phone. You can find our contact details here.

To whom can I reach out if I have additional questions?

You can share your questions and thoughts by contacting us via email or telephone hotline. Please click here to see the details.