Traveling from and to Luxembourg airport – Frequently Asked Questions due to Coronavirus

In regards of the recent developments of the Coronavirus COVID-19 in Luxembourg, lux-Airport has collected the FAQ´s from our passengers in one place here. Please scroll down to find answers related to the opening hours of our facilities at the airport, mobility possibilities and car park.

If you have a fever, a cough or shortness of breath, may we remind you to seek medical advice from the local Health Authorities.

Coronavirus Hotline : 8002 8080
Emergency Number: 112

Luxembourgish citizens who are currently abroad, may reach the Ministry of Foreign and European Affairs on  (+352) 247-82300or by email at, in case of an emergency.

Questions relating to flights should be directed to the concerned airline. The relevant airline details may be found on this page here .

Important info-channels:

Luxembourg Airport related FAQ´s:

Is the airport closed due to the Coronavirus outbreak?

Update 19.03.2020:
No, the airport is currently not closed, but there are flight cancellations. By decision of 19.03.2020, Luxembourg airport will be closed for passenger flights as from Monday, 23.03.2020, at 6 am, which means that the terminal of Luxembourg is closed for the public until further notice. For any questions concerning your scheduled flight before or after this closure, please contact your airline directly.

Are there any restrictions for passengers entering from a “risk zone”?

Please consult for current updates. The information is updated regularly and available in the languages English, French, German, Luxembourgish and Portuguese.

What can I do to help to avoid the spread of the Coronavirus?

Please pay attention to practice good respiratory, and hand hygiene and follow the instructions of the Ministry of health at . Respect and protect others by coughing and sneezing in the elbow etc. Respect the minimum distance of 2 meters when queuing at the check-in or security check.

Are there any flight restrictions due to the Coronavirus?

There are currently no flight restrictions from Luxembourg. However, the airlines adapt as well as their flight program from Luxembourg. Therefore, we recommend to always check your flight status and as well as the entry restriction of your destination before starting your journey. The situation might change very quickly; please consult the concerned airlines directly.

Should I wear a facemask when traveling?

The Ministry of Health states that standard surgical masks are only useful for people that are sick. Wearing a mask helps, therefore, to protect others from getting sick. If you are ill and wearing a mask, you need to take it nevertheless off during the security control at the airport.

I am abroad and want to fly back to Luxembourg. How to proceed?

The Ministry of Foreign and European Affairs recommends Luxembourg nationals and residents who are currently abroad, especially outside of the Schengen space, and depending on their particular situation, to check with their travel agency and/or airline for return flights to Luxembourg. If needed, contact the Luxembourg embassy accredited to the country in question, or the Ministry of Foreign and European Affairs

Facilities at the airport:

Are the restaurants and shops at the airport open?

As by the decision of the ministry from 17.03.2020 to close restaurants and shops, as well the restaurants and most of the shops at the airport are closed.

Still open is:

Oberweis Shop before the security checks at the entry of departures hall at terminal A
Open from 5:00 to 20:00H

The Press and Books:
Before security checks
Open from 5:00 to 20:00H

Furthermore, there are vending machines at the entire airport facility before and after the security with cold and warm drinks, and snacks. The vending machines are filled up regularly.

Is the Business Lounge still open?

Unfortunately, due to the current situation, the business lounge is not open. We apologize for the inconvenience and count on your comprehension. Thank you.

Is the Regus Meeting Center open?

Unfortunately, due to the current situation, the Regus Meeting Center is not open.

Mobility at lux-Airport:

Are the car rentals available?

The office hours are currently adapted due to the situation to:
Monday to Friday from 08:00 16:00
Closed on the weekend.

The counter at Luxembourg airport is closed, but you can anyhow order a car by dialing: : +352 43 45 88.

Car pickup is available 7 days per week – Booking 24/7 via Mobile App
More info:

Bus and public transport

Is the Flibco bus available?

The Flibco Bus is due to the current situation not providing any connection from Luxembourg Airport. The suspension is temporarily set from: Tuesday, 17.03.2020 until Saturday, 28.03.2020 included. We are sorry for the inconveniences caused and invite you to check the website of Flibco at for the latest news regarding this subject.

Is public transport available?

Due to the current situation public transport service is reduced. You can find more information at: .

Parking at lux-Airport:

My flight has been postponed/delayed due to the Coronavirus, do I need to pay the full parking costs?

If your flight has been delayed or postponed due to the Coronavirus, then you only need to pay the parking fees for your initial holiday/travel period. To prove this, please go upon your arrival to the parking service office in level -1 and present your initial booking. The agent of the parking service office will immediately adapt your parking price to the initial travel period. If you missed to present yourself upon your arrival at the parking service office, then you can as well apply for reimbursement by sending an email at .

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