COVID-19 Test Center FAQ

COVID-Testing at Luxembourg Airport.

General Questions about entering Luxembourg

What are the regulations to enter Luxembourg via air traffic?

There is an obligation of prior testing at the location of departure before entering a flight to Luxembourg. Based on the Ministry of Health directive, passengers traveling to Luxembourg will have to present a negative RT-PCR test or rapid antigen test carried out not less than 72 hours before the flight when boarding at the airport of departure. Please find full details and exemptions at

Who checks the status of the negative test before departing to Luxembourg?

The airlines are responsible for checking the negative RT-PCR test or Antigen rapid test before the flight to Luxembourg. However, upon arrival at Luxembourg airport, additional checks by the health authorities are likely to be carried out.

Are there any special regulations for travellers from non-EU and non-Schengen countries?

In addition to the general entry requirements with a pre-testing obligation, a rapid antigen test is carried out at Luxembourg airport for passengers from non-EU and non-Schengen countries. Passengers who do not wish to undergo a rapid antigen test can alternatively go to quarantine. For more information, please visit

What happens if I arrive from a non-EU or a non-Schengen country and do not want to perform an antigen-rapid test upon arrival at Luxembourg airport?

You can undergo a 14-day quarantine. Please follow upon your arrival the indications from the authorities. Further information is available at

General questions about our test center

How can I contact the COVID-19 Test Center?

You can reach us via e-mail:
Our call center can be reached at +49 174 3500406

Where are the COVID-19 Test Center located?

The COVID-19 test centers are located inside the terminal.
Arriving passengers: The one for arriving passengers from Non-EU destinations is located in the baggage claim area. This test center is only accessible when you de-boarded a plane.
Departing passengers: The test center for departing passengers is located in the basement of the terminal.

Do passengers who did a transfer from a NON-EU or NON-Schengen country through an airport in the Schengen area have to perform an antigen-rapid test at Luxembourg airport?

Yes, transfer passengers need to decide whether to take an antigen-rapid test upon their arrival or undergo quarantine.

Questions about Corona test registration and application

How can I book an appointment for a test?

If you are a new visitor of the EcoCare Test Center Luxembourg Airport, first you will need to register yourself to our portal here with correct personal information. We kindly ask you, in your own best interest, to complete the registration process ahead of your arrival in or departure to Luxembourg in order to avoid unnecessarily long waiting times at the time of your arrival or departure.

Passengers who have completed the registration process before arrival or departure will be able to use a fast-track queue to access the test more rapidly.
Once registered, you will receive a confirmation email with the activation link to create your password. Now you are all set to log in and book and, where applicable, pay your test.

  1. Please click on the top-left navigation bar on “Order test”
  2. Selection of the location Luxembourg Airport
  3. Select the date and time of your test at your convenience
  4. Select your test and proceed to the order and payment step where applicable.
How can I change or cancel my appointment?

You can change your appointment through our online booking system by selecting Modify/Cancel Booking, by phoning us on +49 174 3500406, or emailing
Please note that cancellations must be made 24 hours in advance.

What is important for the test on site: what do I have to bring to the test center for the test?

You must bring your official ID card or passport with you along with the registration and payment confirmation. Please be reminded that wearing a nose-face-mask is compulsory.

Questions about the test result

How and when do I receive my test results?

Your COVID-19 test result will be uploaded to your EcoCare account and you will be notified by e-mail. You can also download the result from your account. Results of the antigen test will be available within 15-20 minutes after the sample has been taken. Please note, that personal data, as well as the result, will be shared with the Luxembourgish Health Authorities.

Please note that the deadlines specified for the notification of the test results are averaged values and meant only for your orientation. Particularly in the event of capacity shortages due to the dynamic development around the Corona pandemic, we may not be able to meet the specified deadlines.


What happens if my test result is positive?

In case your result is positive, local regulations stipulate that an RT-PCR test should be performed. For further guidance please contact the inspection Sanitaire on 8002 19 19

Information for arriving passengers

Who needs to get tested?

As per government decision, any person traveling by air directly or with a stop over from a third country outside the EU or Schengen area, will have to undergo an additional rapid antigen test upon arrival at Luxembourg airport.

Where is the test center for arriving passengers located?

The test center is located at the baggage claim area inside the terminal for arriving passengers from Non-EU destinations (direct flights and non-direct flights). This test center is only accessible when you deboarded a plane.

The test requires registration with your personal information. We highly recommend registering 48 hours prior to your flight to reduce the waiting time after your arrival. Please click here to register.

Information for departing passengers

Do I need to register for the test?

The test requires registration with your personal information. We highly recommend registering prior to your arrival at the test center to reduce the waiting time.

Please register at